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Racial Disparities in Remote Work Preferences

Businesses around the world have been struggling to strike the right balance when it comes to remote work. Now that government-imposed COVID-19 pandemic restrictions are a thing of the past, there’s no longer a requirement that businesses allow workers to work from home, and companies are trying to determine both whether remote work is a […]

Top Finance Executive Argues Remote Work Is Not for These Groups

The COVID-19 pandemic led to millions of American workers’ being allowed (really required) to work remotely for most of the multiyear pandemic. As COVID restrictions have subsided, many companies still allow some kind of remote or hybrid work, even though it’s no longer strictly necessary. Since the outset of the COVID-triggered shift to remote work […]

Why Companies Should Keep Remote Work – and Not Follow Disney’s RTO Plans

Disney, Amazon, Goldman Sachs, and JPMorgan are just a few of the companies calling their employees back to the office. For some it’s about productivity and collaboration while others believe that “nothing can replace” in-person work. But is there really an advantage to in-office time for every company?  In 2021, 70 percent of those who […]

Hybrid Working: Where Are We Going in 2023?

The COVID pandemic acted as a catalyst and allowed us to effectively “cross the chasm” and adopt en masse technologies that we already had to transition to a remote or hybrid working model. This happened in a short space of time and almost in unison in nearly every country across the world. Any new technology […]

4 Key Challenges Employers Face in Back-to-Office Efforts

It’s approaching 3 years since many companies first announced temporary remote work policies in response to the rapid spread of the COVID-19 infections ramping up at that time. It’s an ironic anniversary, considering those policies were expected to last roughly 3 weeks when launched. Not All Employers Committed to Remote Work While employees around the […]

Non-Linear Workdays

One of the biggest buzzwords in work culture in the COVID era has been “flexibility.” Workers demand it, and employers are under constant pressure to provide it. Most readers are surely familiar with the classic COVID-era pillar of flexibility—remote work—even if they haven’t personally been able to enjoy the arrangement. A New Way of Working […]

Leading From Home: How to Set Up Remote-First Work for Success

The COVID-19 pandemic fundamentally changed how people work. In October 2020, 71% of Americans who could work from home did so at least some of the time, according to Pew research. Since then, many organizations have adopted a remote or hybrid work model, allowing employees flexibility in their physical work location. While many employers are […]


A Tough Year for the Return to Office Crowd

With the vast majority of Americans having received at least one COVID-19 vaccination and millions fully vaccinated and boosted, there was widespread optimism among business leaders that 2022 would be the year employees finally returned to the office after 2 years of COVID lockdowns and remote work. But employee resistance amid a tight labor market, […]

5 HR Trends That Should Be on Your Radar in 2023

Although the labor market is tight and employees are becoming more selective about how and where they work, workers have had an extremely difficult few years. From the immediate transition to remote work (along with countless other disruptions caused by the pandemic) to a global economic crisis, employees have faced a series of shocks that […]

8 Tips to Achieve Employee Recognition in a Remote Team

Employee recognition is vital for any team and company to keep their employees engaged. But when you have a remote team, it presents a unique challenge: How do you recognize employees when they don’t work close by and you can’t communicate face-to-face? Employee satisfaction leads to greater job performance, which means more productivity. Because enhancing […]