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With Hybrid Work ‘Here to Stay,’ Can New Tech Boost Occupancy Planning?

Four years following the pandemic, a new survey from JLL finds that hybrid working is now the most common workstyle globally, with 87% of organizations operating with a hybrid program today. Hybrid work has proven to have a lasting impact and is “here to stay,” according to JLL’s new 2024 Global Occupancy Planning Benchmarking Report. The […]

How Common Is Napping on the Job?

In today’s high-speed, always-on work environment, the line between work and rest is increasingly blurred. A recent The Sleep Doctor survey, led by Dr. Michael Breus, sheds light on an interesting trend: A significant number of employees are napping during work hours. According to the survey, one in three workers nap on the job every […]

Is There Management Potential for AI?

The traditional image of a manager is being reimagined in the digital era as artificial intelligence (AI) begins to carve out its role not just as a tool but also as a team member. A recent pilot study conducted by Inspira AI in collaboration with academic experts sheds light on an intriguing development: AI’s success […]

Four Years of Workplace Evolution Four Years on from COVID-19

Four years ago, the world of work underwent a tectonic transformation with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. The conventional norms of work, entrenched in commutes and linear office hours, were suddenly upended as the virus rendered the physical aspect of work impossible, for a limited time at least.  Then came the call for everyone […]


Is Office Culture Dead?

The pandemic has fundamentally transformed the landscape of work, ushering in a new era where employee expectations have dramatically shifted from pre-pandemic norms. This shift has led to a reevaluation of traditional office culture, which was once defined by its “cool” perks designed to create a vibrant work environment. Today, the allure of such amenities […]

Redefining Work: Gen Z’s Quest for Meaning Beyond the 9-to-5

Between the widespread adoption of remote and hybrid work policies and advances in telecommunications technology, many of us now live in an era where the boundaries between work and life are considerably blurred. The Gen Z Shift In the midst of this new reality, Generation Z is leading a profound shift in the workplace paradigm. […]

The Future of Open Floor Plans: Achieving Flexibility Without Employee Backlash

Cubicles and closed-off spaces in workplaces are outdated. Today, many businesses prefer open floor plans over private work zones. While open spaces are great for collaboration, they also have some drawbacks. How can you enhance the flexibility of open floor plans, boost employee well-being, and mitigate the drawbacks? Here are some ideas to consider. The […]

Companies Prioritize Shared Office Space in the Age of Hybrid Work

In 2023, 90% of companies offered some level of hybrid work, according to a new survey from CBRE. The adoption of hybrid work is driving companies to lease less space and redesign their offices to be more effective for employees, with space changes varying by industry. The annual survey reflects workplace and occupancy insights from 66 CBRE […]

The Overlooked Key to Hybrid Meeting Success

The COVID-19 pandemic thrust remote work into the mainstream. Organizations across every industry were forced to adapt quickly to a new reality of employees working from home. Video conferencing platforms like Zoom became ubiquitous overnight. Now, as we enter the “new normal,” companies are adopting hybrid work models that blend remote and in-office employees. One […]

Boosting Employee Socialization in a New Hybrid Work World

The shift to remote work, accelerated by the global COVID-19 pandemic, has fundamentally altered the landscape of employee socialization. For remote workers, gone are the water-cooler chats, office pop-ins and hallway run-ins that spurred so much camaraderie and ad-hoc collaboration pre-2020. Gone, too, are the daily shared breaks and lunch outings that once contributed to […]