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Tips and Tools to Manage a Remote Team

Remote work is here to stay, which is good news for everyone. Being able to ditch the traditional brick-and-mortar office to work from home, the beach, or a coffee shop is a dream come true for the modern workforce. And as it turns out, it benefits employers, too, by helping to save costs.

Q&A: The Workforce of the Future

HR professionals often want to know what the workforce will look like in the future. Some organizations, like Upwork, dedicate  time and effort toward making that forecast. The findings are always interesting. The biggest takeaway was that aside from Gen Zs and Millennials making up the majority of the workforce, 75% of them work remotely […]

5 Tech Tips to Make Working from Home More Productive

There’s a good chance you work from home occasionally, especially if you’re in tech. In fact, a recent study released by Zug found that 70% of the professional workforce is remote at least 1 day a week. And 53% of all professionals work remotely for at least half of the week.

Allowing Remote Work: What NOT to Do

As more and more indications are found that employees value the opportunity for flexible scheduling and remote work, employers are finding the need to handle these benefits effectively. While some employers have allowed remote work for years, others are new to the game and finding that there are a lot of potential pitfalls to avoid.

A Great Case for Remote Work

While clearly not every job is a good candidate for remote work, there are millions of jobs that are. This fact contributes to the ever-growing percentage of the workforce (now estimated to be around 40%) that work virtually in some capacity. Some employers remain wary of allowing remote work, while others embrace it fully. Let’s […]

Flex—‘Nice-to-Have’ or Business Imperative?

At World at Work’s Total Rewards conference held recently in San Diego, sessions on flextime were eagerly attended. Burrus shared her tips for developing a flex program that supports the business while at the same time pleasing employees. Burrus is the Workplace Flexibility Practice Leader at Waltham, Mass.-based WFD Consulting. She offers six stages of […]