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Top HR Concerns of American HR Executives

Human resources is an ever-changing field where new challenges emerge time and again. The shift in work patterns caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and focus on racial and social justice in broader society are just two recent examples. According to the HR Policy Association’s Annual Membership Survey, which saw a one-third response rate, there are […]

Data Show Employees Want to Continue Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic caught the world by surprise, including the business world. Millions of Americans were given relatively short notice from employers that their physical offices would be closing temporarily in the wake of the pandemic. What many thought would be a short stint at home of maybe a couple of weeks has turned into […]


Tips for Tackling Income Tax Issues Triggered by Remote Employees

The COVID-19 crisis has brought major changes to the U.S. workforce. Many employers have transitioned their workforces to remote work. Now, employees can work from anywhere with an Internet connection. Many employees have taken advantage of the flexibility by investing in home office spaces, moving to different states, and even traveling the country. What most […]


Data Delve into Employee Preference for Remote Work

Employer and employee attitudes and expectations with respect to remote work have changed dramatically since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting widespread shift to working from home. Initially, many workers and employers had the expectation that the changes would be brief and temporary—perhaps a few weeks before everyone returned to the office. […]


Casting a Broader Recruitment Net in a Remote World

For millennia, cities have been a key feature of civilizations and economies because they serve as a nexus for human interaction. Individuals have greater access to commerce and culture in cities, and companies generally have a better chance of selling goods and services, as well as greater access to talent pools. Consequently, most top companies’ […]


Determining Whom to Bring Back to the Office

With multiple vaccines widely available and millions already vaccinated across the United States, the country is looking forward to returning to a world that, even if not exactly pre-pandemic “normal,” at least allows for the resumption of many in-person, group activities. This, of course, includes in-office work. Despite their worst fears, many companies have found […]

Changing Up the Workplace to Spur Creativity

It’s hard to find the perfect workplace, and much of what makes a workplace “perfect” depends on the nature of the work being done. A quiet, secluded office devoid of any distractions might be perfect for powering through mundane, repetitive work. But it wouldn’t necessarily lend itself to creativity. The Creative Power of Public Spaces […]


DOL Issues Guidance on Posting Requirements in Remote Work Setting

With more and more employees working remotely because of the COVID-19 outbreak, you may fairly be wondering whether electronic messages or postings on the company’s intranet system will satisfy government requirements to provide notice to employees about their rights. The U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) recently answered the question the way most lawyers do: It […]

Rethinking Your Friendly Reminder E-Mails

As we noted in a previous post, the COVID-19-triggered shift to remote work has moved conversations that once took place at the proverbial watercooler, in conference rooms, or by popping into a coworker’s workspace to virtual formats. Even when that format is a video call, much of the nuance of in-person communication is lost. This […]


Zoom and Meeting Inclusiveness

When people talk about inclusiveness in the workplace, the concept is often closely associated with diversity—ensuring that a company is inclusive of its diverse workforce. Diversity means ensuring there are diverse people at the table, while inclusiveness means giving everyone at the table a chance to be heard. Typically, inclusiveness is associated with race, gender, […]