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Return to Office: Hot Desking and the Power of Flexible Workspaces

If you’re new to hot desking, it’s an office setup that serves as a temporary workspace in hybrid work models. See how this office trend is helping companies better serve hybrid employees. For the better part of the last few years, millions of employees have clocked in from the comfort of their own home. Now, […]

New BLS Data Obscures What We Know About the State of Remote Work

As remote work hangs in the balance for millions of American workers, new data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics sheds some light on the current state of affairs. Working Remotely The COVID-19 pandemic ushered in tremendous change around the globe; in the corporate world, perhaps the most impactful COVID-related change has been the widespread […]

Why Post-Hire Screening Could Reduce Talent Headaches

Employers often cite their employees, team members, or people as their greatest asset. And while this may be true, it is sometimes an uncomfortable truth that they can also be an organization’s greatest weakness. Businesses, and by extension their brands, have become increasingly visible online through social media, online news channels, and even review websites, […]

Are Workers Starting to Turn the Corner on a Return to the Office?

In recent years, the remote work narrative has focused on the tension between employers and workers, with workers willing to quit rather than return to the office and employers chomping at the bit to get workers back in the building. Remote Work Works for Some Of course, this is a big oversimplification. Many employers have […]

Remote Work: Tips You and Your Employer Can Implement for Security

Most companies sent their employees home to work in March 2020, adding to the threat vectors of cyberattacks. Employees who had never worked remotely suddenly found themselves sitting at their kitchen table trying to manage their day of work. Tasks like security that were traditionally “someone else’s job” were now the responsibility of every employee. […]

Off to a Healthy Start: Nurturing Mental Wellbeing for Younger Workers

A new career is full of possibilities, but with these opportunities come challenges. The transition into the world of work can feel overwhelming at the best of times, and the current workplace dynamic has added challenges that hit young employees particularly hard. Remote and hybrid work arrangements offer employees flexibility and independence, but the lack […]

5 Aspects of Climate Quitting Every Business Needs to Know

Employees are leaving companies that don’t align with their environment, social, and governance (ESG) standards. Quitting because of employers’ inaction or misaligned commitments is growing in popularity, hence the term “climate quitting.” Although it may seem counterproductive to resign from a job, it’s a way people set boundaries and stand up for going green. Here’s […]

9 Strategies to Effectively Manage Your Hybrid Workforce

Managing remote employees can be tricky, but it’s possible to overcome the challenges inherent in the hybrid workplace. Hybrid work plans, which combine in-office and remote work, are becoming increasingly popular as employees seek a balance between both models. Hybrid work plans give employees the opportunity to interact with one another in the office while […]

How to Build a Collaborative and Interconnected Global Workforce

Building and sustaining collaborative, interconnected teams is challenging, especially when managing a distributed global workforce. Before the pandemic disrupted people’s personal and professional lives, employee engagement and well-being were on a 10-year upswing, but that trend was upended. A 2022 Gallup survey found that just 32% of employees are engaged at work. Instead, employees resonate […]

Employee Handbook Telework Policies

COVID-19 changed the face of the employment environment for the foreseeable future and beyond. With the proliferation of remote work arrangements, it is essential for employers to define their policies, requirements, and eligibility to engage in remote work programs in order to streamline the process, establish expectations, and avoid legal entanglements. A well-written employee handbook […]