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The CEO of Your Company Really Could Be the Next ‘American Psycho’!

Does your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) display these characteristics: inability to empathize, superficiality, and insincerity? If so, chances are your CEO is Christian Bale’s character from American Psycho. No, your CEO is not a serial killer, but these types of characteristics are synonymous with those of being a psychopath—and according to new research, one in five corporate bosses is, in fact, a psychopath.


State Minimum Wage Increases for 2017 (Map)

Minimum wage increases will affect numerous states across the country in January 2017.

Under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), the current federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour, but the FLSA does not supersede any state or local laws that are more favorable to employees. Therefore, if a state has a minimum wage that is higher than the federal minimum, employers subject to the state minimum wage law are obligated to pay the higher rate to employees working in that state.


Machinist Contends That Race Was ‘Motivating Factor’ In His Unpaid Suspension

A machinist claims he was erroneously placed on an unpaid suspension due, in part, to race discrimination. His employer, meanwhile, attributed the suspension to a “bookkeeping” error following a change in its progressive discipline policy.


What Does a Trump Presidency Mean for Federal Contractors?

Saint Louis, MO, USA - March 11, 2016: Donald Trump talks to supporters at the Peabody Opera House in Downtown Saint Louis.

by H. Juanita M. Beecher, Fortney & Scott, LLC

It’s early days to know exactly what a President Donald Trump will mean for federal contractors, but contractors can certainly speculate on what they would like a President Trump to do.


Employers Continue to Face Lawsuits Over 100%-Healed Policies

Employers continue to face both federal charges and private lawsuits over policies that require workers to be fully healed from injuries before returning to work. According to the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), this means employers aren’t aware of their accommodation responsibilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).


Employer Deadline Extended for ACA Reporting to Individuals

Employers and insurers were given an extra month to comply with the upcoming Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements to furnish 1095-B and –C reports to individuals. The deadline is being moved back from January 31 to March 2, 2017, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) announced in Notice 2016-70. In addition, the good-faith transition relief that applied to last year’s Form 1094 and 1095 submittals is being extended to the reporting for 2016, the IRS stated.


NYC Park Rangers May Be Owed Pay for Donning and Doffing, Says U.S. Appeals Court

by Angelo D. Catalano, Coughlin & Gerhart, LLP

The Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) is a broad federal law that establishes the federal minimum wage, overtime pay requirements, and a plethora of other compensation-related standards. The Act provides guidance on what is and is not compensable work time. One of the questions that continues to vex employers under the FLSA is whether they have to pay employees for time spent on certain activities before and after shifts, such as dressing and undressing for work (also known as “donning and doffing”).


Video: Why Employers Should Focus on ‘Business Readiness’ When Implementing Change

Traditionally, when employers have sought to prepare their work teams for big upcoming changes—e.g. new processes, a new organizational structure, new software, etc—in the workplace, the focus has been on “change management.” 


Ask the Expert: Our Employee Is On a Boat! How Do We Pay Him?

Question: An employee works on a boat (manual labor so does not meet job duties tests) that goes out for days at a time. He essentially “lives” on the boat while out at sea. How do we determine his “hours worked” in order to be compliant with the FLSA?


Desperate Times Call for Desperate Measures, but This One Goes Too Far!

Man taking wallet out of a woman's purse at street cafe during daytime. Thief stealing purse. Pickpocketing at the street cafe

Imagine you are conducting an interview, and in the middle of it, a coworker pulls you out of the room to handle business matters. Upon returning, you finish the interview, walk the candidate to the door, get back to your office, and then reach into your purse to grab some cash for the vending machine. That’s when you notice your wallet is gone.