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Turnoffs: Factors Impacting Employees to Decline Job Offers or Leave Organizations

Despite some high-profile tech layoffs, businesses around the country continue to struggle with high rates of employee attrition and lackluster recruitment efforts. Understanding the drivers of this trend may help employers identify strategies for getting ahead of it and keeping employees—especially top talent—on board. We reached out to business owners and hiring and retention experts […]

The Importance of Employee Time Off

It can be hard for managers when employees take vacations. Vacancies, even brief ones, impact productivity and require others in many cases to pick up the slack. Time off, though, is critical for employees and can have a positive impact on their mental health, stress levels, and creativity.   The Mental Health Benefits of Time […]

How to Support Employees Suffering from Seasonal Depression

For the millions of people who suffer from seasonal depression, the winter months can be especially difficult. But did you know that seasonal depression can also influence workers in the workplace? Employers need to be aware of this problem and do their part to help employees who may be struggling with seasonal depression. What is […]

Purpose and Making Work Matter Must Be a Strategic Priority for HR in 2023

Employees spend 40+ hours a week working. This equates to more time at work than doing anything else, including parenting, interacting with loved ones, and engaging in personal passions. Over the past 3 years, employee engagement and, ultimately, retention have decreased sharply in the wake of the Great Resignation and the quiet quitting movements, and […]

Faces of HR: Kristen Kenny on Empathy, Building Culture & Instilling Values

In undergrad, Kristen Kenny studied teaching and business management. She was still considering her options one summer when she started working as a Recruiting Coordinator at Fidelity Investments. Although she had found the role via a temp agency, Kenny would soon find out that there was nothing temporary about her serving in HR. Suffice it […]

Money Isn’t the Ultimate Goal—It’s Time

The most important asset for organizations is time. Unlike money, you can’t earn more of it – once it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Today, organizations and people are busier than ever and, oftentimes, the focus is on money or sales without understanding the importance of managing time and how to better leverage the hours everyone […]


What’s Next for Corporate Wellness? 3 Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

As HR leaders, we’re typically preoccupied with “what’s next” this time of year. What trends should we be monitoring? What new ideas are percolating below the surface? And what big ideas could transform our industry in the year ahead? And while I don’t have all the answers (no one does, really!), I do find myself […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro Navigates the Muddy Waters of HR to Create Positive Possibilities

Although Cassandra Margolin has worked in the HR industry for nearly a decade, she didn’t find her true passion for the field until five years ago. At the time, she was working for high growth, quickly scaling, start-up tech companies. According to Margolin, her growth was slow and steady until she segued into the tech […]

Helping Employees Navigate in Times of Uncertainty

As we move into more uncertain economic times, collective anxieties often manifest in the workplace. An organizational response must be one of empathy and understanding, backed by robust policies that focus on employee engagement and well-being. This, in turn, will put firms in a better position to navigate the coming economic headwinds because they will […]