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New Benchmarking Analysis Identifies Recent Trends in Balancing Benefit Costs and Attracting Top Talent

When employers have a sense of how their peers’ benefits and compensation approaches measure up to their own, they can more confidently identify opportunities for improvement. The Best-in-Class Benchmarking Analysis produced by Arthur J. Gallagher & Co. (Gallagher) examines the strategies and tactics used by high-performing organizations to control healthcare cost spending while competing for […]

Best Practices for Successful Reverse Mentoring Programs

What are some best practices to ensure success with reverse mentoring? As with any mentoring relationship, it is important to educate employees in advance about their roles, to create a plan up front for the mentoring partnership (e.g., what the mentee wants to learn, how frequently the mentor and mentee will meet), and to follow […]

Is Your 401(k) Plan Out of Date?

Like an old house that was cutting-edge when it was built but hopelessly archaic today, your 401(k) may have fallen behind the times. Is this true of yours? And, if so, what can you do about it?

BLR Launches Professional Development Network for Hospitality Industry HR Leaders

BLR® – Business & Legal Resources, a leading provider of employment law compliance and training solutions for HR, has launched a new professional network called HR Executive Roundtable | Hospitality. HR Executive Roundtable | Hospitality facilitates the sharing of ideas, best practices, benchmarking data, experiences, and cost-saving ideas among senior Human Resources leaders in restaurant, […]

Building Your Employee Talent Pool—Best Practices

Building a recruitment strategy that can meet the ups and downs of everyday business in a volatile economy is a tough challenge. To compound matters, you are not alone in your quest for the best employees.  Even companies that are not currently hiring are actively building their talent communities and their candidate pools in preparation […]

Unclaimed Wages: The Due Diligence Requirement

Did you know that unclaimed wages must be turned over to the state? There are unclaimed property laws in each state requiring employers to report on unclaimed wages and eventually turn them over to the state after a period of dormancy if they remain unclaimed.

6 Best Practices Regarding Pregnant and New Mom Employees

Virtually every employer is going to deal with pregnant employees from time to time. Employers want to act in good faith and stay in compliance not only with the ADA and FMLA, but also with the Pregnancy Discrimination Act (PDA). PDA is an amendment to Title VII which specifically prohibits discrimination on the basis of […]

How to Set Hard Goals for Soft Objectives

Some goals are easily measured, but some, like adhering to company values, are harder to measure, says expert Dr. B. Lynn Ware. Values are an important part of the company culture, but how can you make the measurement of values concrete, quantifiable, and qualitative? For example, says Ware, take a public relations agency that wants […]