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To All Working Moms, Happy Mother’s Day 2022

To all our readers, friends, and colleagues, Happy Mother’s Day! “Working mothers are essential to our country’s economic future and competitiveness,” says Jill Koziol, co-founder and CEO of Motherly. According to the annual State of Motherhood Study, 48% of mothers are dissatisfied with their employer’s lack of flexibility and paid time off—the number one reason […]

Five Ways to Retain Fantastic Talent (Remote Edition)

There is no shortage of studies illuminating the unpredictable nature of the workforce today. From spikes in resignations last year to widespread employee demand for continued remote work options post-pandemic, the future of work is no longer a phenomenon we “expect” to happen; it’s here. Most companies have come to grips with the demand for […]


‘To-Do List Bankruptcy’

A to-do list can be a blessing and a curse. On the one hand, a to-do list helps people get and stay organized and avoid neglecting important tasks. Additionally, being able to cross an item off your to-do list can be quite fulfilling. On the other hand, a to-do list can be a significant source […]

Elevate L&D Initiatives to Increase Employee Engagement

The pandemic shifted the workplace and heightened awareness around issues that had been on the back burner. As organizations fight to retain talent, it’s time to address a core problem impacting those efforts: the employee engagement crisis. According to Gallup, only one in three U.S. employees are engaged at work. Additionally, these employees also report […]


4 Ways to Protect Your Employees in the Virtual Workplace

With the growth of remote work, an area of concern for business leaders is the rise of cyberbullying. Bullying in the workplace is not an unusual circumstance, but the Internet and electronic communications have made it easier for cyberbullies to breach their victims’ lives, leaving them feeling worried, vulnerable, and isolated in off-site locations. Remote […]

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How Committed Are You Really to DEI? Others’ Missteps Yield Valuable Key Learnings

In recent years, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) have become accepted objectives in the business world despite having been an afterthought in many circles just a couple of decades ago. Nevertheless, just because businesses and business leaders are increasingly seeing the value of DEI initiatives doesn’t mean they’re savvy experts in promoting DEI throughout their […]

Video Conference Call Basics

In a previous post, we discussed the importance of training staff on basic videoconferencing etiquette. This might seem like a basic concept, but it’s a mistake to assume all employees know how to properly use this relatively new and newly ubiquitous technology. Therefore, reminding staff of the etiquette essentials below can help both internal and […]

5 Best Practices for Building Resilient Hybrid Teams in 2022

As we head into year 3 of the COVID-19 pandemic and the Omicron wave pushes return-to-office dates back even further, it’s more clear than ever that work has fundamentally changed for good. While hybrid work may have seemed like a novelty at the onset of the pandemic in 2020, it’s here to stay, and to […]

Leaders Must Exhibit Adaptive Capacity in 2022

The pandemic forced businesses to cope with unexpected change and create solutions on the fly. This flexibility will be critical to success in 2022. This article will discuss what adaptive capacity is, why it’s important, and how HR can help leaders overcome obstacles as they embrace it. It’s safe to say that the pandemic completely upturned the business […]

Tacking the “E” in DEI: BTS Focuses on Equity

Two particularly interesting aspects of our ongoing series on chief diversity officers (CDOs) and similar roles are the career paths those leaders have taken to get to where they are today and the creative approaches they apply to their unique diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) challenges. For this installment, we spoke with BTS Chief Diversity […]