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HR Works Podcast: Building an Effective Organizational Culture

We all know that getting culture right is an absolute must at any organization. But sometimes the stakes are higher than just a potential loss of motivation or high turnover. For example, when poor work cultures intersect with poor safety cultures, lives can be at risk. In episode 164 of HR Works Podcast, we talk […]

HR Works Podcast: Accelerating Board Diversity

In episode 163 of HR Works Podcast, we talk about diversity at the C-Suite level and the role human resource professionals play in it. Today’s guest is Fiona Hathorn, CEO of Women on Boards UK, which exists to supports its 30,000 members into the boardroom. Hathorn is an expert in the areas of Governance, Regulation and […]

HR Works Podcast: ADHD Isn’t a Knowledge Problem, It’s a Performance Problem

  According to experts, the number of adults with ADHD is between 4% and 5%. Although we can’t say for sure if those numbers are among the workforce, it is likely you have employees with ADHD – and if you don’t, you will. ADHD is one of those things that is vastly misunderstood and poorly […]

HR Works Podcast: Selecting for Softskills in a Remote World

Guest: Annie Lin, VP of People, Lever Evaluating soft skills has always been a challenge, and that challenge only increased with the move towards remote interviews, onboarding, and work. What has been lost since the transition to remote hiring and onboarding? What has been gained? Today I am going to talk about this with my […]

HR Works Podcast: Strong Candidates Among the Disabled

Guest: Carolyn Cannistraro, Account Relationship Manager, Wells Fargo According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the current unemployment rate for persons with a disability is 12.6% compared with the total unemployment rate of 5.4%. False myths about people with disabilities often lead to their termination before other employees, as evidenced by the 1 million […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: Converging Factors Created Great Resignation

Guest: Bill Armstrong, President, Gava Talent Solutions A convergence of factors has aligned to create record-breaking turnover over the last few months, a trend that does not seem to be backing off anytime soon. In fact, The BLS has shown a very high voluntary quit rate for the last four months. In July it was […]

HR Works Podcast: Adapting Beyond the Transaction Mindset

Guest: Sanja Licina, Ph.D., President of Workforce Experience, QuestionPro The needs and concerns of employees have changed significantly over the last year and a half. But have they become more difficult to address? Today’s guest does not believe so. She believes employers need to get out of the transactional mindset that pervades employment and take […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: The 8 Hour Workday Is Dead

Guest: Greg Portell, Global and Americas Lead, Consumer and Retail, Kearney Is the 8-hour workday dead? Today’s guest thinks so and maybe for good. What will take its place? Will organizations move into new territories with grace? I am pleased to have with us today Greg Portell, Lead Partner in the Global Consumer Practice of […]

HR Works Podcast: For Health Benefits, Employee Experience Is Everything

Employee benefits, and especially health plan costs are among the top costs that employers have. Therefore, they have a vested interest in the health and wellbeing of their employees. But there is a big difference between encouraging healthy behavior among employees, and employees actually sticking to them. That divide costs employers big every year, especially […]

HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: Food Service Industry Desperate for New Ideas

Perhaps the best indicator of the current hiring crisis is the extent to which large organizations, especially those from the fast-food industry, have gone to try to acquire talent. That includes everything from posting pay at the drive-through to offering extensive benefits; this is a symptom of a larger issue at play and one we […]