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HR Works Podcast 5-Minute Friday: It’s Never Been Better for Recruiters

It may be odd to say there has never been a better time than now, during the recruiting crisis, to be a recruiter, but today’s guest maintains that this is true, and she can back up the claim. I am pleased to have with me today Barb Bruno, CEO of Good As Gold Training. Barb […]

HR Works Podcast: Keeping Culture Alive in Global Organizations

Guests: Brandy Rosner, VP of People Operations and Rachel Lutz Guevara, VP of Global Wellness & Resiliency, TaskUs Today’s episode is part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Appreciation: Leadership Week, 2021 (, which features unique content like this and online sessions and talks each day this week. There is a link with more information […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: HR Must Rein In the Chaos

Guest: Danny Nelms, President, Work Institute Next week is the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Appreciation: Leadership Week 2021 during which there will be daily events and a daily offering of unique and relevant content. Today we are going to set the stage for that event with our guest, Danny Nelms, President of Work Institute. You […]

HR Works Podcast: Beating Burnout

In this episode, we are going to visit a long-overdue topic: employee burnout. What is it precisely? Why is it still a problem? Do we have solutions? If we do, how do we apply them successfully? Today’s guest has dedicated herself to understanding and addressing this destructive condition. I am pleased to have with me […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: Knowing and Leveraging People’s Strengths

Guest: Kerry Unflat, Chief People Officer, Zipari Because HR is such a people-facing role, it requires a certain level of intuition and perception to master. Today’s guest says her superpower is understanding people’s strengths and how to leverage them for everyone’s success. It’s a skill she has honed over years and one that you likely […]

HR Works Podcast: You Need More than Passion to Tackle Diversity

Guest: Minal Bopaiah, Founder & Principal Consultant, Brevity & Wit It takes more than passion to create and/or maintain a successful diversity program. That is the topic I tackle in this episode with an expert dedicated to helping organizations improve their diversity and inclusion efforts. Minal Bopaiah, Principal & Founder of Brevity & Wit is […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: Stressed Employees Make Data Mistakes

The pandemic saw record levels of data insecurity from every imaginable angle. But were you aware that stressed employees lead to a significant portion of those issues? Today’s guest is here to discuss the relationship between workplace stress and data exposure. I am very pleased to have with me today David Powell, President at Prodoscore. […]

HR Works Podcast: Transcending Performance Reviews

Guest: Gaylyn Sher-Jan, Chief People Officer, If you’ve ever suspected that performance reviews were not achieving the results you were hoping for at your organization, this episode may help. With employees and organizations being as complicated as they are, this system of assessment has a hundred ways to go wrong. In this episode, I […]

HR Works 5-Minute Friday: Explaining HR to Aliens

Guest: Mindy Honcoop, Chief People Officer, TCP Software How difficult do you think it would be to explain HR to an alien? Today’s HR Works 5-Minute Friday guest takes a pretty good shot at answering that question. Meet Mindy Honcoop, Chief People Officer at TCP Software.

HR Works Podcast: LinkedIn Learning Executive on Critical Skills of 2021

What are the critical skills and L&D trends of 2021? That’s what we aim to learn in this episode of HR Works Podcast with the Senior Director of LinkedIn Learning Solutions, Amy Borsetti. LinkedIn Learning recently released their 2021 Workplace Learning Report, and it had a lot of very interesting findings. In this episode, we […]