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HR Works Podcast: Show Me The Money! The Rising Trend of Pay Transparency

Guest: Lauren Winans, CEO and Principal HR consultant of Next Level Benefits How has the growth and embrace of pay transparency impacted the hiring process in 2024? Does pay transparency offer more to organizations than just checking-box for compliance, and what are the common concerns that accompany pay transparency for HR teams? In this latest […]

HR Works Podcast: Unlocking Potential – Could Second-Chance Hiring Be Your Talent Cheatcode?

Guest: Jessica Artz, Executive Vice President and CHRO of ViaPath Technologies What is second-chance hiring, and could it be your solution for overcoming hiring challenges and opening up a new talent pipeline in 2024? In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Jessica Artz, Executive Vice President and CHRO of ViaPath Technologies, helps us […]

HR Works Podcast: Can Equity Still Compete in the Compensation ‘Arms Race’?

Guest: Jesse Meschuk, Senior Advisor at Exequity How have employee expectations around total rewards changed going into 2024? What non-cash benefits should hiring teams be considering to keep up in the compensation ‘arms race’ when competing for talent? While equity incentive awards once served as a unique way to provide employees value, are they still […]

HR Works Podcast: Is Your Approach to Employee Feedback Outdated?

Guest: Jason Walker, Fractional CHRO and Founder of Thrive HR Consulting How do HR teams and their organizations benefits from building a culture of real-time feedback and regular performance conversations? Does the annual employee performance review process still work in 2024? We’re back for a new year and are jumping right into a brand-new season […]

HR Works Podcast: What’s Your ROI on Employee Self-Service Tools?

Guest: Ann Marie Morris, President, AM Morris Consulting How has the rise of employee self-service functionality, present in many of today’s latest HRIS and HR software tools, changed the role people operations teams across organizations? What benefits do organizations experience when implementing employee self-service, and are there any specific functions that HR teams should never […]

HR Works Podcast: Employee Wellness Starts With Flexibility

Guest: Daniela Elazari, Director of Well-Being in the Office of Work/Life at Columbia University Have employee expectations around work/life balance and flexibility changed? Why is it vital for employers to show their investment and commitment to workplace wellness, and what elements of employee well-being should HR teams be paying close attention to as many teams […]

HR Works Podcast: Build Teams That Can Thrive During Change

Guest: Simon Taylor, Head of Organizational Effectiveness at Gap Inc. Why is organizational effectiveness essential in building thriving, high-performing workforces? Where can HR teams make their biggest contribution to organizational effectiveness, and what are some red flags of organizational ineffectiveness that HR leaders should be looking out for in 2024? At a time when many […]

HR Works Podcast: Can Predictive Intelligence Unlock the Talent Market?

Guest: Thomas Leeper, Vice President of Client Solutions at Sevenstep What are successful talent acquisition and hiring teams doing differently to address the latest challenges of the labor market? Could predictive workforce intelligence tools and talent analytics be the difference makers for the organizations looking to attract top-talent in the marketplace? In this latest episode […]

HR Works Podcast: Pay It Forward – Game-Changing Career Advice From HR Pros

What is the best piece of professional advice that you’ve received and could pass along to HR and recruiting professionals? We ask this question every week to our first-time guests on the HR Works Podcast and each time we get a truly unique and impactful response. In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, […]

HR Works Podcast: From IC to Manager: Setting Your Newest Leaders Up for Success

Guest: Dr. Trish Holliday, Vice President of Human Resources and Corporate Services at Nashville Electric Service (NES) What are some of the biggest challenges facing new managers transitioning from roles as individual contributors into managerial and leadership positions? What skill gaps need to be immediately addressed to prepare new managers and what should be built […]