HR Works Podcast: Demystifying Compensation & Achieving Pay Equity

Guest: Sarah Deveraux, Leadership Coach & Strategic Advisor with Third Coast Coaching and White Pine Leadership Collective

In the latest episode of HR Works, we break down the complexities of compensation and pay equity to help your organization achieve true compensation fairness. Sarah Deveraux, leadership coach and advisor at Third Coast Consulting and HCI facilitator, joins to discuss the biggest challenges organizations face in establishing pay equity, how HR can partner with other departments (like Finance and Legal) to navigate this process, addressing unconscious bias in compensation decisions, and more.

Sarah has been coaching, facilitating, and speaking for over a decade on topics like: leadership, resilience, innovation, self-awareness, trust, complexity theory, wellbeing, systems thinking, and more. Her coaching practices focuses on the whole human being — mind, body, and heart — and is rooted in deep curiosity and compassion. Sarah spent almost 15 years at Google, concluding her time there as the Head of Executive Development Programs where she was responsible for all learning and development for Google’s most senior leaders. She also spent 2.5 years building a SaaS startup and is passionate about HR innovation and building strong People and Culture teams. Sarah lives in Michigan with her family on a 20 acre farm.

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