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Equal Pay Day 2023: HRDA’s 6 Essential Equal Pay Articles and Insights

Monday September 18th is International Equal Pay Day. Monster recently found that only 15% of the workforce hasn’t experienced a form of pay inequality. And, the workplace shifts to be more and more transparent, 63% of workers admit speaking to their coworkers about their pay. In honor of Equal Pay Day and to encourage leaders […]

Pay It Forward: Turning Pay Equity into a Reality

Think back to the beginning of the pandemic. Parents took on roles as teachers, caretakers, and much more in addition to their full-time jobs. Furthermore, countless articles suggest that women took on the bulk of those responsibilities, and, despite the additional duties in and out of the home, industry data still indicates that women earn […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro is Shifting the Narrative of HR One Day at a Time

As Chief People Officer at LiveRamp – a leading data enablement platform for the safe and effective use of data – Sharawn Tipton oversees the global people and culture strategy in support of the SaaS company’s continued growth. She’s also responsible for global talent acquisition, diversity, inclusion and belonging, workplace experience, business partners, talent enablement, […]

Pay Equity Audits: On the Rise and Becoming Essential

More companies are adding at least one pay equity audit to their annual planning. Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) research from 2021 shows that 58% of organizations have reviewed their pay structures and decisions, with enterprise-level businesses taking the lead. More than 8 out of 10 said they adjust salaries to account for inequities. These statistics […]

5 Practical Suggestions to Improve Pay Equity

Employees, shareholders, and many other stakeholders are beginning to see pay equity as a fundamental expectation among public and private companies―and for good reason. A more equitable pay practice drives better attraction and retention of talent, a more diverse culture, and better financial performance over the long term. Some of the largest institutional shareholders now […]

Mississippi Pay Equity Law Takes Effect on July 1

Currently, only one state does not have an equal pay law, and that state is Mississippi. On July 1, 2022, Mississippi will join all other states when its equal pay law goes into effect. Let’s take a closer look.

Cost of Working From Home Is Still Unclear

Pay equity has become an important issue in California employment law. It is now a concept of both general fairness and discrimination. For example, employers may not ask about prior salary history because it has been linked to discriminatory factors and reliance on it perpetuates that discrimination. Similarly, the California Equal Pay Act (EPA) requires […]

How Organizations Can Recover from the Pandemic’s Impact on Pay Equity and Transparency

The gender pay gap has taken a hit during the pandemic, with economists predicting it may take nearly 20 years to recover to pre-pandemic levels of equality. At the same time, the workplace has been completely transformed, likely for good, with changes resulting from an overnight switch to remote work and fluctuating economic uncertainty.


What Does Legal Privilege Have to Do with Pay Equity?

Pay equity has put compensation and Human Resources managers in the hot seat for some time.  Hopefully, they have gotten comfortable with being the center of attention because the focus on pay equity isn’t going away—at least not anytime soon.