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How Organizations Can Recover from the Pandemic’s Impact on Pay Equity and Transparency

The gender pay gap has taken a hit during the pandemic, with economists predicting it may take nearly 20 years to recover to pre-pandemic levels of equality. At the same time, the workplace has been completely transformed, likely for good, with changes resulting from an overnight switch to remote work and fluctuating economic uncertainty.


What Does Legal Privilege Have to Do with Pay Equity?

Pay equity has put compensation and Human Resources managers in the hot seat for some time.  Hopefully, they have gotten comfortable with being the center of attention because the focus on pay equity isn’t going away—at least not anytime soon. 

The Importance of Economic Empowerment for Women

Economic empowerment is the principle of financial independence for women. Coupon Chief tackled this issue with an infographic that covers the current state of women’s finances and how women can leverage employer benefits to improve their financial status. Check it out below!

Discussing Equal Pay and the U.S. Women’s Soccer Team

In a recent episode of HR Works Podcast, I discussed pay inequality between the men’s and the women’s U.S. soccer teams with guests Tom Cunningham, Vice President of People at Pariveda and Charles Bendotti, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Philip Morris International.

International Pay Equity Developments

The focus on the gender pay gap continues to expand. While the UK is seeing a narrowing of the gap based on its pay reporting, France is not only requiring employers to report the pay gap but will after three years penalize employers that have not closed it. Meanwhile, Canada is considering legislation to require […]

Ban-the-Box and Salary History Prohibitions: Impact on Employers

Class action lawsuits involving the federal Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) are not the only compliance concern for employers performing background checks in an increasingly complex legal environment. In addition, employers are impacted by state and local requirements, including “ban the box” laws and salary history prohibitions. This article is a brief introduction to these […]