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Equal Pay Day 2023: HRDA’s 6 Essential Equal Pay Articles and Insights

Monday September 18th is International Equal Pay Day. Monster recently found that only 15% of the workforce hasn’t experienced a form of pay inequality. And, the workplace shifts to be more and more transparent, 63% of workers admit speaking to their coworkers about their pay.

equal pay day 2023

In honor of Equal Pay Day and to encourage leaders to create pay equity, check out some of our favorite coverage from HR Daily Advisor.

Emerging Analysis Sheds Light on Effectiveness of Pay Transparency Laws

Income inequality is one of the most impactful and persistent sources of broader inequality in the United States, with women, Hispanics, and African Americans earning considerably less than white and Asian men. To address this problem, jurisdictions around the country have turned to pay transparency laws, which require employers to share pay information with job applicants and employees.

How Companies Can Navigate New Pay Laws Currently in Effect

To get a pulse on compliance best practices and the impact of new pay equity laws, HR Daily Advisor recently tapped Future of Work expert and VP of Total Rewards Advisory at Sequoia, Kyle Holm, to share his insights.

HR Works Podcast: Catching Up on the CROWN Act and Equal Pay

Celeste Duke and Joan Farrell, members of the HR Hero editorial staff, examine the growing popularity of the CROWN Act, as its activity has moved from state legislature to now being considered at the federal level, currently sitting as a bill in the US Senate. They also dig into some of the latest workplace efforts and debates involving equal pay and the inclusion of gender identity as part of Title VII protections.

HR Works Presents HR Work Break: Pay Transparency and the Workforce’s New Needs

Pay transparency is a growing phenomenon in the HR space, especially in the past 2 years. More often than ever, employees are leaving jobs for better benefits and compensation. Kathleen Quinn Votaw, CEO of TalenTrust, joins to discuss pay transparency and the needs of today’s workforce.

Rethinking Equity: Pay Practices in 2023 and Beyond

As pay transparency trends increase, so does the likelihood that employees will want to discuss their salaries. Organizational leadership must prepare for a new era of open compensation conversations and push a culture of compensation transparency, further decreasing the wage gap between genders.

Equal Pay and Women’s Soccer

In March 2019, the U.S. women’s soccer team submitted a complaint to the U.S. Soccer Federation: it claimed the members of the women’s team are unfairly paid relative to the U.S. men’s team. As this is an equal pay issue, what does the situation entail legally?

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