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What We Talk About When We Talk About Pay Transparency

Since November 1, 2022, New York City employers have been required to include pay ranges in job postings. The new citywide pay transparency rules have reignited a national conversation around whether such legislation truly helps companies keep and attract talent. While pay transparency laws will also go into effect in Colorado, California, and Washington state […]

Anxious About Pay Transparency? Don’t Be

Many of us have worked in a workplace that didn’t talk openly about pay. Employees didn’t want to disclose their salaries for fear their peers would think they were over- or underpaid, and employers were more than happy to keep quiet. (Some even issued gag orders.) All that is changing—fast. New laws from bellwether states […]

Examining the Critical Factors Employers Must Understand About Candidate Expectations

As the United States navigates a historic labor shortage, it’s critical for employers to adapt to the changing employee benefits landscape and compensation demands. Employers must understand that today’s jobseekers are evaluating companies differently, and the kinds of benefits and wages that will attract them are changing, as well. According to beqom’s 2021 Employee Expectations […]


The Business Case for Transparency

Pay transparency in private sectors is a divisive topic. Employers worry that implementing full pay transparency—allowing every employee to view what his or her colleagues earn—in the workplace will foster resentment among team members and limit employers’ bargaining power in recruitment.


Transparency Only Part of the Gender Pay Gap Solution

Pay transparency has been the gold standard for fighting all kinds of pay inequity. Recent research by PayScale claims that pay transparency does, in fact, solve the gender wage gap. I spoke with an expert about the findings, as well as some of her own research, and she believes pay transparency must be part of […]


Just How Transparent Should Pay Transparency Be?

A recent study by Mercer titled “2019 Global Talent Trends Study” found a large gap between employees’ and HR’s understanding of how many employees would leave for better pay. The study raises important questions about pay transparency.

Would Pay Transparency Have Helped Avoid U.S. Women’s Soccer Team’s Lawsuit?

In part one of this article series, I was discussing the pay inequality within the U.S. Women’s Soccer team with Tom Cunningham, Vice President of People at Pariveda and Charles Bendotti, Senior Vice President of People and Culture at Philip Morris International (PMI). To listen to the entire episode, click here.


Three Ways for Employers to Boost Pay Transparency for an Improved Workplace Culture

Today’s employees expect the companies they work for to deliver openness and transparency in, essentially, all of their business practices. This includes everything from communicating leadership changes, making adjustments to the business model, revealing news around potential acquisitions and, most of all, providing access to corporate-wide salary data.