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Faces of HR: Robert Boersma on Trust, Listening Deeply and Living to Work

HR Daily Advisor’s 2023 Employee Benefits Week is well underway and it doesn’t stop with our latest Faces column. Despite high-profile layoffs and an increased unemployment rate, the current job market may be tight but still robust, as candidates continue to seek new opportunities. Benefits and compensation continue to be not only a hot topic but […]

7 Things Gen Z Workers Value Most

As digital natives, Gen Z workers have the potential to bring unique skills and valuable perspectives to the organizations where they work. Having experienced significant challenges at a young age, including the COVID-19 pandemic and entering the workforce during a period of considerable uncertainty, Gen Zs possess a distinctive combination of resilience and empathy that […]

Emerging Analysis Sheds Light on Effectiveness of Pay Transparency Laws

Income inequality is one of the most impactful and persistent sources of broader inequality in the United States, with women, Hispanics, and African Americans earning considerably less than white and Asian men. To address this problem, jurisdictions around the country have turned to pay transparency laws, which require employers to share pay information with job […]

How Companies Can Navigate New Pay Laws Currently in Effect

Since the start of the new year, many states have introduced pay compliance laws. As a result, companies are now faced with the difficult task of defining their compensation with clarity and making critical decisions about how pay ranges will be defined within their personnel budgets. Although it’s a tough job, there is a silver […]

The Rise of Pay Transparency in the U.S.

With the tight labor market impacting the country for the past couple of years, it’s not uncommon to see signs advertising job openings along with the starting pay and even sign-on bonuses. Despite the increased prevalence of such job ads, the reality is that there has traditionally been very little pay transparency, at least in […]

What We Talk About When We Talk About Pay Transparency

Since November 1, 2022, New York City employers have been required to include pay ranges in job postings. The new citywide pay transparency rules have reignited a national conversation around whether such legislation truly helps companies keep and attract talent. While pay transparency laws will also go into effect in Colorado, California, and Washington state […]

Anxious About Pay Transparency? Don’t Be

Many of us have worked in a workplace that didn’t talk openly about pay. Employees didn’t want to disclose their salaries for fear their peers would think they were over- or underpaid, and employers were more than happy to keep quiet. (Some even issued gag orders.) All that is changing—fast. New laws from bellwether states […]

Examining the Critical Factors Employers Must Understand About Candidate Expectations

As the United States navigates a historic labor shortage, it’s critical for employers to adapt to the changing employee benefits landscape and compensation demands. Employers must understand that today’s jobseekers are evaluating companies differently, and the kinds of benefits and wages that will attract them are changing, as well. According to beqom’s 2021 Employee Expectations […]


The Business Case for Transparency

Pay transparency in private sectors is a divisive topic. Employers worry that implementing full pay transparency—allowing every employee to view what his or her colleagues earn—in the workplace will foster resentment among team members and limit employers’ bargaining power in recruitment.


Transparency Only Part of the Gender Pay Gap Solution

Pay transparency has been the gold standard for fighting all kinds of pay inequity. Recent research by PayScale claims that pay transparency does, in fact, solve the gender wage gap. I spoke with an expert about the findings, as well as some of her own research, and she believes pay transparency must be part of […]