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HR Leaders Can Play a Crucial Role When Educating Employees About Women’s Heart Health

Education and prevention are critical when it comes to improving women’s heart health, and HR leaders like you can play a pivotal role in spreading awareness and empowering women to take charge of their cardiac health. Consider my story: I was in my mid-40s and was experiencing persistent fatigue. I would get exhausted just walking […]

Wondering What Workers Want? Research Gives Employers Some Clues

There’s no denying that all the upheaval over the last few years has had an outsized effect on the workforce. Among other things, employees weathered a worldwide health crisis and its resulting economic disruption along with the rise of artificial intelligence, which to many workers seems as scary as it is promising. With so much […]

7 Communication Tips to Protect Your Mobile Employees from Tax Violations

Taxes can be intimidating, time-consuming, and confusing for any employee. But tax complexities shoot through the roof for international employees, business travelers, and remote workers. If mobile and remote employees don’t understand their tax obligations, they risk violating laws, losing compensation, damaging the company’s reputation, and more. However, HR professionals can reduce this risk and […]

4 Employee Retention Tactics That Actually Work

Employee retention is on the mind of every human resources professional. While the job market may finally be settling down a bit and the great resignation isn’t as great as it once was, it’s still important to keep your employees working and your business running. If you’re unable to retain employees, what happens? First of […]

Prescription for Employee Financial Wellbeing? Start with an FSA or HSA

With inflation continuing to drive prices upward on a broad range of products and services, financial wellness is top of mind for nearly everyone. According to a recent Bank of America survey, 62% of employees are stressed about their finances and 71% feel the cost of living is outpacing growth in their income. All told, […]

6 Reasons to Complete a Dependent Eligibility Verification Audit

Many companies, regardless of size, work hard to provide top-tier healthcare benefits to their participants. Unfortunately, many come to the realization that a considerable chunk of its healthcare expenses stem from ineligible dependents. Despite the best intentions, the absence of a Dependent Eligibility Verification program can leave the organization vulnerable to financial strain, legal headaches, […]

Thriving Among Competition: Recruitment and Retention Strategies to Become a Destination Employer  

The lifeline of any company is attracting and retaining top-notch talent. High-performing employees serve as the building blocks for setting the foundation for organizational success. In a competitive workforce with a limited talent pool, recruitment and retention strategies have become more essential than ever.   Following the Great Resignation (2021-2022), where an average of 4.5 […]

Leaders Leaving the Workforce: Best Practices from Healthcare CEOs

The staffing shortage affects not only the bedside nurse, but also the nurse leader. A new report from AMN Healthcare found that 31% of nurse leaders said they plan to be in a different role a year from now. AMN Healthcare’s 2024 Survey of Nurse Leaders also says that 17% of nurse leaders will look for a new place […]

The “Mommy Tax”: When Will It Be Too Much? Innovative Ways to Support Working Parents

The volume of articles, studies, and social threads are a key indicator of “hot topic” items. The childcare crisis is no exception. The proliferation of these news items continues to accelerate with many calling for employers to answer the rally call. Yet many C-Suite and HR leaders find themselves in a tricky spot. With tightening […]

Are We Seeing a Correction in Employee Wages?

The narrative surrounding wage growth in the United States is reaching an inflection point, posing a critical question: Are we witnessing a correction in wages? Recent developments paint a complex picture, one in which a surge in compensation during the pandemic era appears to be adjusting to new economic realities. A Look at the Data […]