HR Works Podcast: Why Business Acumen is HR’s Superpower

Guest: Darcy Mackay, SVP of HR and Client Services at Rippling

The latest episode of HR Works is all about superpowers. Although we’re not discussing any of your favorite Marvel characters, we are highlighting our favorite heroes here at HR Daily Advisor: people leaders.

So, how can people leaders tap into what Darcy Mackay, SVP of HR and Client Services at Rippling, calls HR’s superpower? It starts with understanding the business they serve. According to Mackay, HR professionals not only deeply understand the business their company is in, but they also become experts in the demands each business unit faces and the success factors for every function. Listen in as we discuss how Mackay acquired HR’s superpower, what holds people leaders back from even starting to flex their superpower, why continuous learning is important, and more.

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