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HR Can Transform Employees Financial Wellness

Yesterday we heard from Kristen Berman, cofounder of Duke’s Common Cents Lab and Bradley Swain, a behavioral researcher at the Common Cents Lab, concerning the ability of HR to influence America’s financial health. Today, we’ll hear the rest of what they have to say.

HR Teams Have the Power to Transform America’s Financial Health

The HR industry is on the front lines of America’s fight for financial health; it just doesn’t realize it yet.  Millions of lower- to middle-income Americans—including hourly wage earners and Gig Economy workers, are struggling with income volatility, low savings rates, and high personal debt. HR teams and executives have a unique opportunity to make […]

How to Avoid a Culture of Lies

While everyone may bend the truth from time to time, it’s important that lies in the workplace not be tolerated. When affirmative falsifications and lies of omission are not punished, a culture of secrets, misrepresentations, and self-preservation can easily take precedent over the good of the company.

How HR Professionals Can Help Their Employees Choose the Right Health Plan

In a climate where rising healthcare costs continue to be a prominent concern among those planning for retirement, it is important for human resources executives to make sure that their employees are educated about the changes and options available to help manage costs and find the right solutions for their healthcare needs. No matter what […]