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Faces of HR: Holly Grogan Talks Building Empowered Teams, Positive Workspaces & Leading with Empathy

For more than 20 years, Holly Grogan has worked in a myriad of Human Resources (HR) roles with the goal of driving growth and profitability through strategic employee initiatives. While her first job out of undergrad was in recruiting, Grogan has spent majority of her career specializing in creating and building HR and talent strategies […]

IT Talent Gap: Tips to Overcome the Tech Labor Shortage

Despite the current backdrop of economic certainty, organizations both large and small are dealing with an acute and prolonged level of job vacancies across their IT teams. Exacerbating the problem is the fact that every sector of business competes for skilled tech workers these days. Technology has become such an integral part of the way […]

3 Major Trends HR Teams Should Be Focused on in 2023

HR teams have no shortage of information about employees’ priorities as we enter 2023. Over the past few years, employees have been sharing what they want from their employers: more flexibility, a healthier work/life balance, and a wider range of professional development opportunities. At a time when employees are quitting their jobs at a much […]

Financial Coaching Isn’t Enough

Inflation, supply chain destabilization, and fears of a global recession have made many Americans worse off financially than they’ve ever been. More than two-thirds of Americans are worse off financially today than they were a year ago, according to a recent study conducted by Salary Finance, and almost one-third run out of money at least […]

Finding Space for Younger Workers to Be Heard

It’s often surprising to older managers just how important it is for younger workers to feel heard and appreciated and feel a sense of belonging and acceptance at work. A Craving for Community In 2000, Robert Putnam’s cultural commentary book Bowling Alone was published and quickly turned into a classic and oft-cited discussion of the […]

Engaging Your Employees After Layoffs

Recent headlines have proclaimed massive layoffs in multiple sectors. Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have made significant cuts to their workforces, as well as Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs. Layoffs can strike fear into the hearts of all workers, not just those who have received word their positions have been eliminated. As a result, they may […]

Harry and Meghan: A Case for Nondisparagement Agreements

Harry and Meghan are spilling the tea again! Unless you have been hiding under a rock or have been blissfully disconnected from celebrity news, you have likely been bombarded with wall-to-wall coverage of bombshell after bombshell about the British royal family from Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and Meghan, the Duchess of Sussex. Here […]


Retirees: A Rich Talent Pool That Many Overlook

Despite talk of a looming 2023 recession, the U.S. labor market remains extremely tight. In fact, whenever older workers decide to begin their retirement, many employers faces a small crisis. Not only is it difficult to recruit any replacement workers, but finding one who can match the institutional knowledge and industry experience of a retiring […]


The Importance of Emotional Intelligence for Business Leaders

Many leaders seek ways to make their employees happier at work yet lack the emotional intelligence (EQ) to understand how to achieve this goal. While problem-solving abilities (IQ) are a vital characteristic in leaders, this EQ is just as (if not more) integral to running a thriving workplace, as this will bring back the human […]

An Optimistic Outlook for Employers in 2023

Unemployment rates are steadily dropping as more of the employees who previously changed jobs settle into their new roles. Many global economists predict the market will begin to enter a soft recession in 2023, which means the job market will begin to loosen. The balance of power between employers and jobseekers will begin to even […]