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Keeping Younger Workers Engaged

Managers and HR professionals have no doubt heard of the engagement crisis alleged to have infected Millennials and Generation Z in the workplace, as manifested in terms like “quiet quitting.” Of course, workers in any age group can and certainly do engage in quiet quitting and other symptoms of poor engagement and morale. However, businesses […]

Faces of HR: Francisco Martinez-Garcia Talks Authenticity, Data & Representation

Francisco Martinez-Garcia has served in the HR industry for more than two decades. He spent 16 years at Colgate Palmolive working in benefits and compensation and, in 2019, was tapped as Head of Global Compensation at Moody’s Corporation – a global integrated risk assessment firm that empowers individuals and organizations to make better decisions. Four […]

The Rising Cost of Pregnancy: What Employers Can Do About It

The cost of childbirth in the United States is rising – leaving many patients with overwhelming out-of-pocket expenses for even traditional deliveries with zero complications. Additionally, depending on which state the birth takes place in, the cost of childbirth can vary greatly, according to a recent Health Care Cost Institute (HCCI) report. Organizations that provide […]

Embracing Diversity and Inclusion for Better Business Outcomes and Employee Engagement

Diversity and inclusion impact not only a company’s employees, but also its customer base. Organizations with diverse leadership can align with the values of their customers, building a more diverse workforce that customers can see themselves in. Companies that embrace diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) are better equipped to create positive multicultural interactions with their […]

Why Family-Building Benefits are a Necessary Piece of Modern Employer Coverage

Family-building benefits were once synonymous with essential but limited parental offerings like maternity leave. But modern families have grown and changed significantly over the past few decades. In addition to maternity leave solutions, top employees are now requesting benefits like fertility care, postpartum recovery coaching and hormone replacement solutions. Many employers need help navigating this […]

5 Warning Signs That You Are a Fuzzy Communicator

Although one of the most important factors in business is effective communication, both leaders and employees fail to apply tips for effective communication because they were never taught how to do so. As a result, they end up becoming a fuzzy communicator, which looks like a myriad of things. For example, fuzzy communication happens when […]

Finding Success Amid Failure

Business initiatives, projects and goals don’t always turn out as planned. Despite this, it’s important to recognize the hard work, lessons learned, and small successes that can be salvaged from a project, even if the project fails to meet expectations. Managers need to take time to recognize their employees’ efforts and use those insights for […]

3 Steps to Rebuilding Employee Morale After Layoffs

Layoffs are an unfortunate necessity for companies of just about any size and in any industry – particularly at times of economic change or downturns like right now. Not surprisingly, most teams struggle with maintaining morale in the wake of downsizing. However, it is possible to maintain and even continue to grow your company’s workplace […]

2022 Workplace Trends Provide Glimpse into Future of Offices in 2023

If 2022 trends are any indication, workplaces worldwide aren’t going anywhere, according to a new report from Envoy. More than half of workplace leaders (54%) invested more in the workplace in 2022 than in the previous year, a signal that a physical footprint remains important for team building and collaboration. Envoy’s new At Work: 2023 Workplace Trends Report dives into the […]

Loneliness: A Growing Epidemic in Today’s Remote Workforce

While there are differing opinions on the pros and cons of remote and hybrid work, one thing is certain, it is here to stay. According to a recent Gallup Report only 20% of remote-capable employees are working completely on-site. Remote work has been touted for its many benefits, including a better work-life balance, increased productivity, […]