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Faces of HR: Connecting the Dots in HR to Push Change Forward

Meet Laure Rudelle Arnaud, Chief People and Impact Officer at Sendinblue – a digital marketing platform dedicated to helping small businesses grow. We recently connected with Laure to discuss how she got her start in the industry, her biggest influences, best mistake, as well as her thoughts on what business leadership looks like now and […]

Workplace Culture Design is an Outside-In Job

In life, we design from the outside in. Take skyscrapers, for example. The placement of interior support beams are determined by external factors like wind and gravity. How about the movie industry? Films are written as a reflection of external society, its values and plights. Products are designed to solve problems. Books for their readers. […]

Critical Leadership Required Post-Pandemic

The American economy and that of other advanced nations is highly competitive, and in many industries, there is little variation in the quality of the labor force or physical assets of competitors. What sets some great companies apart from their more mediocre rivals often boils down to the quality of an organization’s leadership. This includes […]

The Perils and Potential of Advanced Speech Technology

Advances in speech technology may provide a key tool in the training toolbox, particularly as applied to just-in-time training to quickly address emergent and growing skills gaps. The modern economy in the developed world is highly dynamic and extremely integrated—even after recent shocks to the globalization system like the COVID-19 pandemic and the Russian invasion […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro’s Strategic Approach to HR Helps Move the Needle Forward

Meet Valarie Arismendez, SVP of People at Hello Heart. The digital therapeutics company focuses exclusively on heart disease, partnering with employer organizations to provide a connected mobile app that works alongside an employer’s benefits ecosystem. The app’s technology uses AI, behavioral science, and personalized digital coaching to drive healthy lifestyle changes. In her role as […]

The Return of Older Workers

While the Great Resignation was originally blamed by many on lazy younger workers happy to sit back and collect COVID relief checks, further data showed that much of the labor shortage was due to older workers retiring early in large numbers. Many found that their skyrocketing home values and soaring stock prices in their 401(k)s […]

What Is Career Hoarding?

The shift to remote work has created added flexibility and independence among workers, and many are increasingly looking for side gigs to supplement their incomes and stimulate their interests and passions. This trend has contributed to what’s being called “career hoarding,” according to an article in Fortune by Tessa West. So, what does that mean […]

Are You Familiar With Your Team’s Core Competencies?

Knowing what sets your business apart is vital if you’re going to stand out from your competitors. And as the world grows smaller, differentiation becomes increasingly important to ensure your business thrives. Understanding what your organization’s core competencies are can help to give you a competitive advantage in your market, and if you can identify […]

Designing the Employee-Centric Office

In those long-ago days before the pandemic ushered in a wave of remote work, it was the default assumption for most companies that employees would come into the physical office five days a week. They’d work their average eight to nine hours and go home at the end of the workday. Of course, plenty of […]

Emerging Insights on Hybrid Work

The COVID-19 pandemic forced companies around the globe to embrace remote work. For most, the results were far better than feared, and the majority of employees tended to prefer the arrangement, as well. Still, now that the impetus for remote work has subsided, there’s little need to maintain the remote work paradigm. Many companies are […]