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What Will Happen to Presenteeism?

Millions of employees around the world have experienced the pressure to stay late at the office, get there early, or work through lunch instead of going out or to the lunchroom with coworkers. It’s a phenomenon known as “presenteeism,” and it refers to the idea that there’s value to an employer simply from being present […]

4 Things You Need to Make Sure Happen When An Employee Quits

When an employee quits, it can throw your business into chaos. While you’re juggling finding the person’s replacement and making sure he or she wraps up the projects he or she was working on, it’s easy to let things slip through the cracks. But a streamlined exit process is essential for any business facing an […]

imposter syndrome

What Is Imposter Syndrome?

Few feelings in one’s professional life can top the elation of landing a coveted job or promotion: the excitement of new responsibilities, greater prestige, and (hopefully) more money. But that elation often quickly has to compete for emotional bandwidth with a specific flavor of workplace anxiety known as “imposter syndrome.” Many people have probably heard […]

nonsmoking benefits

More Vacation Time for Nonsmokers?

American attitudes toward smoking have changed dramatically in the past several decades. A habit that was once commonplace in restaurants, workplaces, and even airplanes has been banned from most homes, offices, and even bars. Part of that changed attitude is driven by nonsmokers who understandably prefer to avoid second-hand smoke. Another element of the change […]

Key Areas of Focus For Small Business Human Resources

An entrepreneur hiring his or her first employee is an event that comes with a mix of excitement, pride, and anxiety. Whether a company has 1 or 10,000 employees, and whether or not it has a formal HR team, there are some foundational HR issues that impact any organization. Employment Laws and Regulations Many employment […]


Preventing a Toxic Post-COVID Workplace

While the COVID-19 pandemic upended everyday life in America and across the world seemingly overnight, the transition back to something resembling “normal” has been and will continue to be a slow and gradual process. In many ways, the challenges of the pandemic are far from over, even as overwhelming numbers of Americans continue to get […]

Why It’s Important to Start Your Meetings on Time

Anyone who has spent time in the workforce has probably experienced the issue of people showing up late to meetings. It might be the one person creeping into the back of the room 5 minutes after the meeting has started, the multiple “pings” of latecomers to the videoconference, or a room full of people waiting […]

CHROs’ Time Has Come

How activating brand purpose can make the difference After the past (COVID) year, employees coming out of the pandemic are feeling drained. They are looking to leaders for reassurance, inspiration, and courage to guide them through a time of great uncertainty. Traditional employee engagement and “status quo” internal communications are good, but much more is […]

The Global Currency of Digital Passports in the Workforce

An issue I’ve returned to again and again is the skills shortage. According to ManpowerGroup, 69% of U.S. employers are struggling to fill vacancies, particularly in skilled trades, IT, sales, and marketing. At the same time, we’ve seen workers in low-skill jobs displaced at distressingly high rates in the recent wave of COVID layoffs. Many […]