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HR Query: Keeping it Professional—Strategies for Discussing Elections in the Workplace            

The election is in full swing with Trump vs Biden head-to-head. But what does this mean for workplaces? New data found that employees and leaders are on completely different pages when it comes to political conversations at work. Amidst polarized workforces, tension in trust, and urgency to speak up, employees are dissatisfied with how leaders are […]

Survey Explores Experience of Gen Z in the Workplace

Staying ahead of workforce trends is crucial for HR professionals and people managers. A recent report by iHire offers valuable insights into the Gen Z workforce, providing essential guidance for recruitment and retention strategies. Tackling Stereotypes and Bias A significant finding is that 34.4% of Gen Zs believe negative stereotypes about their generation will hinder […]

The Weight of Perception: Obesity and Workplace Bias

As a country and as a society overall, we’ve always thought about and had discussions about “weight loss” and “diets”. However, in recent times, the spotlight on obesity and its treatment has intensified. Some of that can be attributed to the fascination with Ozempic. After all, the New Yorker named 2023 the “Year of Ozempic” […]

2024 AI Hiring Trends

The world isn’t slowing down, so businesses must design hiring strategies to withstand seismic shifts. In the first quarter alone, there was no shortage of significant world news impacting hiring: So, what should companies do to navigate this in a consolidating market with high demand for skilled workers? Here’s what you need to know. Artificial […]

Credentials vs. Chops: Skills-Based Hiring is Here to Stay

With historic low unemployment, a need for candidates with evolving skills is driving a national movement. Skilled Through Alternative Routes, or STARs, refers to the estimated 70 million workers ages 25 and older who are active members of the workforce and have a high school diploma but no bachelor’s degree. Instead, they have gained valuable […]

Paternity Leave Gaining Momentum in the Modern Workplace to Drive Business Performance

In the modern landscape of workplace policies and family-friendly benefits, paternity leave has emerged as a transformative, family-friendly tool for business performance. The inclusion of paternity leave in employee benefits packages is increasingly recognized as a strategic move that can drive business growth and success for companies, while recognizing the fundamental role that family plays […]

The Growing Appeal of Video and Interactive Employee Training

Remember the old days of dozing off during slide after slide in a stuffy conference room? Those days are fading fast. Now, businesses are getting smart about how we learn at work, bringing in video and interactive training to spice things up. It’s not just a new way to learn—it’s turning the whole learning game […]

The Continuing Importance of the Human Touch in the Age of AI

As technology reshapes our world, with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into daily life, the essence of human interaction becomes increasingly valuable. In an interview with BBC Worklife, Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, emphasizes the critical role of personal touch in sectors where trust is crucial, like skin care. The Personal Touch […]

Faces of HR: From Counselor to Champion—Denise Kulikowsky’s Journey to CPO

Denise Kulikowsky’s path to CPO at Tapestry wasn’t a traditional climb up the corporate ladder. It began with a deep desire to understand and support people – a passion evident in her undergraduate degree in Psychology and master’s in counseling. Her initial foray into social work laid the groundwork for empathy and human connection, skills […]

Is Tech Still Best for Workplace Wellbeing?

It really is incredible how far we’ve come with mental health at work, even if there’s still a long way to go. Before the pandemic, engaging with organizations on mental health was much more of an education piece; encouraging leaders and decision-makers to think about the wellbeing of their people, motivated primarily by its links […]