HR Works Podcast: Creating Future-Ready Organizations with AI-Driven Talent Optimization

For this episode of HR Works, we’re happy to share this engaging podcast from our sister publication HCI.

Listen in as host Cindi Koetzle dives deep into the intersection of AI, HR, and talent management with Aashir Shroff, Head of Product at Eightfold. Aashir shares insights into how AI is revolutionizing resource management and skill development within organizations. He discusses how Eightfold’s AI-powered platform helps organizations optimize resource allocation, retain talent, and foster employee growth.

They also explore challenges organizations face in balancing resource allocation and employee development and how AI can help overcome these challenges. They also touch on the importance of transparency in career advancement and how AI-driven tools like Career Navigator empower employees to create their own career paths. Through real-world examples and practical insights, this episode sheds light on the transformative potential of AI in HR and talent management.