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Is There Management Potential for AI?

The traditional image of a manager is being reimagined in the digital era as artificial intelligence (AI) begins to carve out its role not just as a tool but also as a team member. A recent pilot study conducted by Inspira AI in collaboration with academic experts sheds light on an intriguing development: AI’s success […]

President Biden’s AI Executive Order and Its Impact on Employers

Last month, President Joe Biden issued an Executive Order that seeks to both seize the potential for artificial intelligence (AI) and manage its risks. The Order has a broad reach that will affect the use of AI in education, health care, and government. Additionally, this Order will impact AI’s effect on consumers. The Order further […]

3 Ways Conversational AI Can Help You with Strategic Recruitment

It seems like artificial intelligence (AI) is all over the news these days. ChatGPT seemed to take the world by storm in 2023, and there’s no indication that the AI craze is going to loosen up any time soon. In fact, it seems clear that AI is only going to become more and more relevant […]