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Faces of HR: Laura Hanson’s HR Odyssey

Laura Hanson’s journey in HR began not in a classroom but at a receptionist’s desk in a manufacturing firm. While responding to calls and screening résumés, fate intervened. A triple departure from the HR team propelled her into a generalist role, throwing her into the heart of the action. This “baptism by fire” proved to […]

Navigating Leadership with Biological Wisdom: Real-Life Applications of Safety and Danger Cues

In leadership, understanding and responding to cues of safety and danger are pivotal for fostering environments of trust, collaboration, and innovation. Drawing from Polyvagal Theory and Neuroception, Human Resources Managers can harness biological insights to navigate the complexities of organizational dynamics effectively. As Human Resources Managers, our role extends beyond traditional administrative tasks. We are […]

Employees Don’t Think College Adequately Prepared them for the Workforce

In a recent survey conducted by Go1 and shared with Fortune, it was revealed that many employees are questioning the value of a bachelor’s degree in today’s job market. The survey, which included input from more than 3000 employees from the US, UK, and Australia, found that nearly half of the respondents felt that universities […]

A Guide to Effectively Managing Employee Advancements

When employees put years of hard work, dedication, and learning into their jobs, being rewarded with a promotion makes every effort worthwhile. However, being handed a new job title and responsibilities can be daunting, and your employees will benefit from support as they move into their new positions. Promoting employees can also put a lot […]

Leading for Workplace Wellness

The workplace is one of the leading sources of stress in America. According to The American Institute of Stress, 75% of employees believe workers have more on-the-job stress than the previous generation, and 40% reported their job was extremely stressful. We’re now finding managers have an outsized influence on their employees’ mental health, with 70% […]

The Importance of Accurate and Complete Employee Evaluations

For many companies, year-end and/or shortly after the new year is a time set aside on the corporate calendar for annual evaluations. Employee evaluations should not only put employees on notice of performance problems and provide feedback for their continued development and growth but also demonstrate the employer’s efforts to help low performers and challenge […]