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Hiring Military Veterans: It’s Good for Business and the Right Thing to Do

There are numerous reasons for hiring military veterans: they exude confidence; demonstrate leadership, teamwork, and critical thinking; and have proven their ability to work under pressure. They take their responsibilities seriously and know the meaning of hard work—for instance, there are no holidays or weekends off when deployed. Rather than rattling off a long list […]


Tips for Smoothing Out ‘Lumpy’ Workloads

Few companies are able to maintain a steady pace of work at all times and often experience various ebbs and flows of demand. Meeting that demand, without overtaking employees or paying too many people to work with too little demand for their time, can be challenging. But companies have found a variety of ways to […]

6th Circuit Sides With College Prof on Religious Objection to Student’s Pronouns Request

The U.S. 6th Circuit Court of Appeals (which covers Michigan and Ohio employers) recently addressed whether a public university violated a professor’s rights under the First Amendment’s Free Speech and Free Exercise Clauses when it disciplined him for refusing to use the pronouns requested by a student.


Placing a Premium on Work/Life Balance

As employees begin to make the trek back into their physical workplaces, some are excited and anxious to reconnect with colleagues, while others are feeling a sense of trepidation and loss. In this environment, employers need to think about how they can engage all employees, regardless of how much they are looking forward to, or […]

COVID-19 Benching: H-1Bs Can’t Sit This One Out

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to complicate how employers approach temporary layoffs and furloughs spawned by lost revenues and reduced demands for their services. As if navigating the employment-based immigration laws weren’t complicated enough, now employers must balance implementing cost-saving measures with their federal obligations to employer-sponsored migrant workers.

Determining Voluntary Termination Under ARPA

Under the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), if an employee willfully and knowingly disregards company policy, is she not voluntarily terminating her employment? Also, in that same vein, when does misconduct move from violating company policy and arrive at “gross misconduct”?


Hiring Top Talent and Successful Virtual and In-Person Training

During the pandemic, remotely onboarding new team members turned into quite the challenge for many companies. The virtual environment undoubtedly made it difficult for hiring managers to foster a connection between their new team members and the existing team while demonstrating and communicating the company’s culture to new members in an authentic way.


Why the ‘Glass Cliff’ May Not Be Real (and What We Should Focus on Instead)

The “glass cliff” has been back in the media as of late, with both Forbes and Fast Company recently publishing articles on the subject. This may have been triggered by the appointment of Jane Fraser as the new CEO of Citigroup—a move that led some commentators to express concerns that Fraser was being put on […]


Creative Ideas for Making Training Fun

Training can—and should—be fun. Making training fun and interactive can help engage employees and boost the odds they’ll effectively apply what they learn to their job. Training has, undoubtedly, been more challenging during the pandemic, as employees may be located in a wide range of locations. And, even as employees are increasingly being called back […]

NLRB Says Contract Bar Is Here to Stay

The National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) recently affirmed it will continue to follow and enforce the long-established “contract-bar doctrine,” which provides unions with protection from ouster during most of a collective bargaining agreement’s (CBA) effective period.