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Coaching Skills Will Help Millennials Succeed

A study from the International Coach Federation (ICF) and Human Capital Institute (HCI) explores how first-time people managers and emerging leaders—many of whom are Millennials—can benefit from partnering and receiving training on how to use coaching skills with their peers and teams.


Better Coaching Means Better Engagement

Yesterday’s Advisor suggested that tapping internal experts at your company as coaches can enhance both your training initiatives and your overall retention. Today we take a look at another benefit of good coaching—increased engagement. Low employee engagement continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing organizations, with data from Gallup showing employee engagement in […]

Does Your Orientation Training Program Need Review?

New hire orientation is the first step toward employee retention. A formal and well-developed new employee orientation program not only impacts the new hire but also the organization as a whole—both directly in terms of productivity, employee referrals, and retention, and indirectly, as far as employee satisfaction, culture, and safety. These can provide significant return […]