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Supriya Jha: Driving Transformative Change in Diversity and Inclusion at SAP

Supriya Jha, the Chief Diversity & Inclusion Officer at SAP, has been a transformative force in the realm of diversity and inclusion. Recognized as one of Diversity Global Magazine’s 2024 Top 15 Chief Diversity Officers, Supriya’s career is a testament to her dedication to fostering inclusive workplaces. Her journey, marked by personal and professional challenges, […]

HR + AI 2024: A Live Event in NYC

On October 22, HCI and HR Daily Advisor’s HR+AI 2024 conference will provide HR leaders and professionals with answers to their most critical questions regarding the impact of artificial intelligence in recruitment. The NYC event provides the chance to network in person and gain expert insights on the latest strategies, best practices, and solutions around […]

Faces of HR: Laura Hanson’s HR Odyssey

Laura Hanson’s journey in HR began not in a classroom but at a receptionist’s desk in a manufacturing firm. While responding to calls and screening résumés, fate intervened. A triple departure from the HR team propelled her into a generalist role, throwing her into the heart of the action. This “baptism by fire” proved to […]

Digital Co-Workers 2.0 – A New Wave of Automation is Reshaping the Future of Work 

Digital workers are your “work buddies,” helping you deal with high volume, repetitive tasks that you shouldn’t have to do anyway, such as data entry. These software-based colleagues may have started out doing simple tasks, but they continue evolving to augment human work. Across industries, organizations are increasingly adopting a digital workforce because traditional task-to […]

7 Strategies to Build a Resilient Talent Ecosystem for the Great Reskilling

Human resources (HR) leaders are deeply familiar with the Great Resignation and the millions of individuals who quit their jobs over the past few years. However, it is likely that many aren’t as aware of an equally important development known as the Great Reskilling. This momentous transformation represents the growing desire among employees for roles that […]

2024 AI Hiring Trends

The world isn’t slowing down, so businesses must design hiring strategies to withstand seismic shifts. In the first quarter alone, there was no shortage of significant world news impacting hiring: So, what should companies do to navigate this in a consolidating market with high demand for skilled workers? Here’s what you need to know. Artificial […]

The Growing Appeal of Video and Interactive Employee Training

Remember the old days of dozing off during slide after slide in a stuffy conference room? Those days are fading fast. Now, businesses are getting smart about how we learn at work, bringing in video and interactive training to spice things up. It’s not just a new way to learn—it’s turning the whole learning game […]

The Continuing Importance of the Human Touch in the Age of AI

As technology reshapes our world, with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and automation into daily life, the essence of human interaction becomes increasingly valuable. In an interview with BBC Worklife, Jane Wurwand, founder of Dermalogica, emphasizes the critical role of personal touch in sectors where trust is crucial, like skin care. The Personal Touch […]

EU Passes Artificial Intelligence Act

Congress and the Biden administration continue to focus on regulating artificial intelligence (AI). Despite that attention, however, no comprehensive legislation or regulations applying to AI have been implemented at the federal level. In contrast, the European Parliament passed the Artificial Intelligence Act on March 13. The legislation was three years in the making and will […]

Embracing AI at Work: Why Your Outlook Matters

As generative AI reshapes our workplaces, not everyone is on the same page about its value. According to a compelling study by meQuilibrium, which surveyed 5,989 adults, an employee’s response to AI could depend a lot on their personal traits like resilience, positivity, and problem-solving skills. The Role of Positivity and Resilience The study highlights […]