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Chief Remote Officer

Keeping track of the growing list of C-suite positions can be challenging for casual observers. Even the most-well-known CEO title is just over 100 years old. The first chief financial officers (CFOs) didn’t emerge until the 1960s. Chief human resource officers (CHROs) are even more recent, not coming onto the scene until the mid-1980s. A […]

Faces of HR: How One HR Pro is Shifting the Narrative of HR One Day at a Time

As Chief People Officer at LiveRamp – a leading data enablement platform for the safe and effective use of data – Sharawn Tipton oversees the global people and culture strategy in support of the SaaS company’s continued growth. She’s also responsible for global talent acquisition, diversity, inclusion and belonging, workplace experience, business partners, talent enablement, […]

Faces of HR: Jen Locklear on Doing What’s Right, Being Intentional, and a True Partner

Meet Jennifer Locklear, Chief People Officer at ConnectWise – a software company dedicated to the success of IT Solution providers. In her role, Locklear is responsible for engaging and developing high-performing ConnectWise colleagues, facilitating a professional environment that cultivates dynamic teams obsessed with partner success, and helping individuals grow and meet their career goals. We […]

When the Going Gets Tough, Smart Leaders Double Down on Their People: Three Tips for Managing Teams in a Recessionary Environment

Today’s worker has a lot to think about. Supply chain shortages, ever-increasing prices, the ongoing pandemic, and now a potential recession—how can leaders best manage their people during such an uncertain time or, more specifically, when a recession seems imminent? When navigating a (pre) recessionary business environment, leaders should focus on their most valuable asset: […]

The Disconnect Between Workers and Managers on Employee Training

When companies embark on employee training programs, it’s important they find alignment between the employer (including managers) that’s providing for and developing the training program and the employees who will receive the training. If employers are trying to train employees on material they don’t feel is valuable, for example, those trainees are not likely to […]

How HR Can Support Employee Mental Health During Difficult Times

The COVID-19 pandemic, recent mass shootings, and current political climate have workers experiencing increased anxiety—at home and in the workplace. What role do HR professionals play in supporting employee mental health during these difficult times? How can HR professionals improve workers’ mental health? Are there mistakes they should try to avoid during the process? I […]


Why So Many Companies Fail at Employee Training

In order to compete effectively in the marketplace, companies have to invest time, money, and effort into training their staff members. Unfortunately, there is a persistent skills gap across virtually all industries in the United States. But the problem isn’t that companies aren’t trying to train their staff. In fact, in the aggregate, the problem […]

Many Teachers Are Transitioning into the Corporate World

There’s a saying about the teaching profession that’s well known to many and almost certainly well despised by teachers: “Those who can do; those who can’t teach.” Of course, many teachers accept relatively low pay for challenging work because they find it tremendously rewarding and fulfilling. But the notion that teachers teach because they can’t […]

Will Remote Work Kill the Sick Day?

For many, the term “sick day” tends to conjure up certain images. For some, a sick day is a euphemism for playing hooky and skipping work to go fishing, play golf, or nurse a hangover. Others have to be on their death bed or so under the weather that they can’t even make it into […]

Various Types of Annoying Employees

While they’re great comic relief in movies and office sitcoms, annoying coworkers are far less amusing in real life. Whether they chew too loudly, make awkward jokes, or fail to carry their fair share of the workload, annoying employees can bring down the morale of their coworkers and hurt camaraderie and overall productivity. Often, employee […]