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Lizzo Lawsuit Shows Employers ‘It’s About Damn Time’ They Train Their Managers

Recently, one of my favorite artists, Lizzo, made headlines when three of her backup dancers filed a lawsuit in Los Angeles Superior Court against her, her tour company (Big Grrrl Big Touring Inc.), and her dance team captain. There are various allegations in this lawsuit, but I want to focus on the sexual harassment/hostile work […]

How to Handle a Difficult Employee

Within your company, is there one employee who just kind of gets everyone’s guard up? Maybe they’re a bit rude or forceful. Maybe they kick back too often and let others pick up the slack. Or maybe their negative attitude is just a total drain on business operations. The problems they bring to the table […]

Leading On-Screen Talent: Effectively Managing Remote Workforces

Gartner recently estimated that by the end of 2023, fully remote and hybrid workers are expected to account for 71% of the workforce in the United States. We know that companies that embrace these trends will be able to attract and retain top talent while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. Key trends of remote and […]

Beating HR Burnout by Overcoming the Hiring Loop

A recent study from Sage titled “The changing face of HR” found that HR professionals are increasingly burned out at work despite still being passionate about their jobs. In fact, 62% of HR leaders are considering leaving the field entirely, even though 57% say they love their jobs. How is this possible? Well, it’s interesting that […]

How to Manage the Anxiety and Stress of Layoffs

Navigating the anxiety and stress of layoffs as a company is never an easy task. HR leaders need to tend to the needs of not only those who are being laid off but also those who will remain in their roles. At the Top Employers Institute, we certify companies that promote a culture of employee mental health and well-being. […]

Managing Remote Work Conflict

There’s always been workplace conflict, and it’s only natural for disagreements to eventually emerge when people work closely together for most of their lives, despite the time and resources some companies invest in avoiding and mitigating these conflicts. But workplace conflict isn’t restricted to the physical office. There are more sources of coworker clashes than […]

3 Tips for Employers to Curb New Job Jitters

When onboarding new employees, employers know how important it is to provide support so that fresh team members succeed in their jobs. Yet it’s still natural for new staff members to have “new job jitters” — anxiety about their new roles and their own abilities to fulfill them. The faster supervisors can get their recent […]

4 Mistakes to Avoid While Conducting Employee Evaluations

One of the most important ways management can communicate with employees is through official employee evaluations. It’s easy to give employees kudos on a job well done after they’ve turned in a big project or casually bring up an area you’d like to see improvement in. It’s easy to feel like you have a grasp […]

Strategies to Prevent HR Burnout

HR professionals play a critical role in supporting and managing employees’ well-being within organizations. However, a recent study highlighted in Forbes has revealed a distressing reality: An overwhelming 98% of HR professionals are currently grappling with burnout and chronic fatigue. This alarming statistic sheds light on the significant toll the demanding nature of their work […]

How to Lead During an Economic Downturn

Have you ever woken up and just didn’t feel like working? We’ve all been there. Work motivation is always challenging when most people have a million things going on in their lives. Add on the additional stress of a post-COVID world, including a looming recession, and it’s harder now than ever to find motivation. The […]