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A week of virtual events and resources designed to help you grow as an HR leader and execute your company’s HR initiatives.

What We Learned From … HR Leadership Week 2023

We’ve enjoyed a full week of online events and digital resources about leadership. As this year’s HR Leadership Week comes to a close, let’s take a look at what we’ve learned from the event’s discussions and resources. Monday Featured Article | Are You Listening, Really Listening, to Your Employees? As employee engagement has become a growing […]

Create a Healthy Work Environment and Watch It Boost Productivity

In 2023, 35% of U.S. employees work remotely all the time, according to the Pew Research Center. Statista shows that before the pandemic, this figure was only 17%. Managers, top executives, and even some employees feared productivity would suffer if employees were given more control over their schedules. Companies that offered hybrid work models, whereby employees could […]

How HR Leaders Can Use Technology to Better Navigate the Hybrid Workplace

HR leaders are facing a new type of workplace: a hybrid environment where employees work both in the office and remotely. This forces HR leaders to adapt to maintain cohesive teams. It’s not always clear how to deal with this changing landscape, leaving many leaders frustrated because all technology seems to do is make their […]

Why Recognition Is a Key Driver for Employee Retention

ADP finds that more people are staying in their current roles than last year, and while this news illustrates a slightly rosier outlook on the job market, the labor shortage is far from resolved. Achievers Workforce Institute (AWI) research shows that 66% of HR leaders say the labor shortage is getting worse. This figure should […]

Building a Supportive, Resilient Workplace Through Empathy

You’d think being nice and being empathetic are one and the same. Think again. Niceness creates a passive, polite atmosphere where people are encouraged not to rock the boat. Empathy, on the other hand, stresses a deeper connection, a feeling of psychological safety and understanding. Which environment will be more creative, innovative, and successful? An […]

HRDA shorts

HRDA Shorts: What Can Leaders Do to Teach and Practice Emotional Intelligence?

Emotional intelligence (EQ) is the ability to identify and manage your own emotions as well understand and sympathize with the emotions of others. EQ is an essential component to strong leadership. In fact, 74% of employees want their managers to demonstrate a leadership style focused on empathy and a supportive attitude. Heidi Hartman, President & […]

3 Tips for Perfecting Employee Engagement in the Hybrid Workplace

Fifty percent of workers are back in the office, and a recent study says it’s likely to stay that way. With hybrid work as the new normal, businesses must develop innovative ways to engage their employees, which goes beyond laptops and hand sanitizer. Here are three ways to improve employee health, connection, cleanliness, and culture: […]

The Big Squeeze Known as Salary Compression

Imagine you’ve been working at the same employer for the past 8 years. You’ve received a couple of promotions, and now as a supervisor, you’re earning $16.50 per hour, or $34,320 annually before overtime. It’s the most you’ve ever earned! The average pay for the staff who report to you is $13.88 per hour, which […]

Leading On-Screen Talent: Effectively Managing Remote Workforces

Gartner recently estimated that by the end of 2023, fully remote and hybrid workers are expected to account for 71% of the workforce in the United States. We know that companies that embrace these trends will be able to attract and retain top talent while increasing productivity and employee satisfaction. Key trends of remote and […]