DecisionWise launches Spectiv, a SaaS multi-rater survey platform

Spectiv is a SaaS multi-rater survey platform that helps employees see the experience they create for others, own their development and thrive in the modern workforce. 

SPRINGVILLE, UTAH—January 19, 2021— A global leader in the employee experience and feedback space for 20+ years, DecisionWise announced today the launch of Spectiv, a Saas survey multi-rater platform designed to make it easier for companies to facilitate 360 or multi-rater feedback that will help their leaders grow. 

Having spent the past couple of decades developing and administrating 360 Degree Feedback surveys to companies such as Clorox, T-Mobile, and Activision, DecisionWise relied upon client insights and feedback to create a platform with the best administrator and user experience on the market.  
“Over time we found that our technology needed its own place to live and had become viable as a standalone platform. We’re excited to bring this technology forward and help even more companies garner valuable multi-rater feedback,” said Christian Nielson, Chief Strategy Office for DecisionWise and Brand Principal for Spectiv. 

Today, about one-third of all companies and nearly 90 percent of Fortune 500 companies use some type of 360 Degree Feedback to help their employees and leaders improve, grow, and thrive. Spectiv’s platform provides well-designed technology, robust reporting and clear data to ensure companies of all shapes and sizes make the most of their multi-rater feedback experience.  

About DecisionWise
Founded in 1996, DecisionWise is an employee experience consulting firm specializing in leadership and organization development using assessments, feedback, coaching and training. DecisionWise services include employee engagement surveys, 360 Degree Feedback, employee life cycle (ELC) surveys, leadership coaching, and organization development. 

About Spectiv
Spectiv is a SaaS multi-rater survey platform that helps employees see the experience they create for others, own their development and thrive in the modern workplace. Launched in 2022, Spectiv’s roots lie in the consulting firm, DecisionWise, that has developed the 360 Degree Feedback process for the past 25 years.