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A Frank Look at Automation in HR

Every HR professional has heard of the danger of automation by now. Many are already loading various automated systems. Automation raises questions. What role will automation play in all of our futures? Will automation lead to me losing my job? Will humans even be involved in HR in a decade? Today we are joined by […]

Robots Need Not Apply

A recent study suggests that while automation will not be going away anytime soon, it will create new jobs that require new and different skills.


5 Biggest Employment Disruptors of 2018, According to Glassdoor

Glassdoor’s chief economist, Dr. Andrew Chamberlain, has revealed five trends in the labor market that will disrupt the way companies attract, hire, and retain employees in 2018, as well as the biggest job trends—from the power of whistleblowers to the demand for informed candidates—that shaped 2017.


2018 Trends to Watch: 6 Trends That Will Impact Employers

As 2017 comes to a close and the talent landscape continues to evolve, Randstad US released its expert analysis on hiring and workplace trends for the next year. With employment increasing by an average of 167,000 jobs per month, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the labor market remains competitive, and employers will need […]

Thanksgiving: More than a day off work for HR

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, many are pausing to reflect on what they’re thankful for in their personal lives. But the season also can be a time for people to consider what they appreciate about their work lives.  What should human resources professionals be thankful for? For starters, innovation that has brought about an elevation […]

6 Tips for Full HR Automation That Will Dramatically Increase Efficiency

With all the advances in technology, companies are running out of excuses not to have the tools and processes in place to help employees do their work more efficiently. Yet, when it comes to change, many companies drag their feet. This is especially true in the HR field.