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Dispelling 3 Big Myths About Automated Recruitment

“Automation” has been a business buzzword for quite a while, but only in the past year or 2 has it really picked up steam in the recruitment industry. No longer does it conjure up mental images of robots or impersonal interactions. Now, recruitment automation can look like anything from chat bots to screening software. There […]

Mixed Views On Automation Among Workers

Recent research suggests workers have mixed views on the potential impacts of automation on the workforce. Automation in the workplace isn’t anything new. From the breakthroughs of the Industrial Revolution to today’s advanced robotics and computerized processes, automation is fully embedded into the American workforce. But broadly speaking, employee views of automation are mixed. Up […]

Why You Don’t Need to Sift Through Résumés Any Longer

The hiring process has long been tedious and time-consuming. Finding the right employees for your business meant plenty of work for your HR department. This procedure is not only time-consuming but also costly. The nature of recruitment and hiring is starting to shift, though. With advancements in AI and automation, much of the tedium that […]

How Automation Supports Humanity at Work

We’ve long used technology to simplify our personal lives, such as for getting directions and checking weather forecasts, to name a few. Now, more consumer-grade tech than ever can simplify the work we do, too. But tools like self-service software and automated payroll processing aren’t a substitute for people—they complement people. In the last few […]

AI Chatbots Able to Perform Increasingly Sophisticated Functions

We usually think about automation and artificial intelligence having roles in performing low-skill, mundane tasks; the type of work that is tedious for humans to perform. In that context, the use of such tools may displace some human labor, but it also frees up (currently scarce) human labor to focus on higher-level and more rewarding […]

Walmart’s Embrace of Greater Automation Contributes to Employee Layoffs

Two of the biggest companies in the world dominate what have traditionally been very different segments of the retail market. Walmart is the archetypal big box retailer with thousands of stores covering tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of square feet. On the other side of the retail coin is Amazon, the archetypal […]


For Many Companies, Enterprise Automation Begins with HR

Over the past 2 years, the way businesses have been run has changed dramatically. Since the early confusion that accompanied the onset of the pandemic, the business world has settled down, learned that hybrid and work-from-home business models actually do work, and started taking steps to evolve operations. This evolution has been more than simply […]

How Automation Can Transform HR in a Challenging Labor Market

HR departments are facing unparalleled challenges right now. In the midst of the Great Resignation, with 4.5 million workers walking off the job late last year, staffing shortages are impacting every sector of the economy. Restaurants, particularly quick service restaurants (QSRs), are being acutely impacted; quit rates in this sector rose from 4.8% to 6.9% […]

Work Smarter, Not Harder: How Automation Can Improve HR Departments

COVID-19 has left HR departments to deal with many urgent issues over the past 2 years, like the loss of talent and the immediate need to bolster recruitment efforts. While these tasks are time-consuming even in the best of circumstances, the increase in work brought on by the pandemic has HR departments dedicating more efforts […]

What Is a Human Road Map, and Why Should HR Be in Charge of It?

The “pandemic age” has accelerated the “automation age,” and the way we work is fundamentally changing. These two forces have collided to form the perfect storm of workplace disruption. As in any storm, you need to prepare. Go to the store, and buy up all the toilet paper and bread you can find. Except, business […]