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Why Companies Struggle to Maintain their Tech Talent and Best Practices to Foster Sustained Growth

While tech layoffs dominated news headlines last year, in a turn of events, companies now struggle to find qualified workers amid the shrinking tech talent pool. Today, the demand for tech talent significantly exceeds the supply, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that this talent shortage in the software development field will increase to 1.2M […]

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’: How Successful Leaders Overcame Their Limiting Beliefs, and How You Can Too

The concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ has become more than a mere cliché in the leadership arena. It represents a crucial element of successful leadership, especially in today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Leaders who challenge conventional thinking, embrace innovation, and inspire their teams to follow suit are the ones who truly make a […]

How HR Leaders Can Harness the Power of Personal Disruption to Cultivate a Mindset of Intentional Growth

In today’s fast-paced business environment, the role of HR leaders has evolved beyond administrative functions to becoming key drivers of organizational change. Despite this, many HR professionals find themselves caught up in routines, policies, and procedures, which, while helpful, can sometimes stifle innovation. The antidote? Embracing disruptive thinking – a powerful tool that can propel […]

Creating an Inclusive Landscape: Strategies for HR and Leadership

As employers have increasingly recognized the untapped potential of individuals with disabilities, the landscape of the modern workforce is being reshaped, resulting in many advancements in disability employment. Yet, even with the growth of remote work opportunities that has emerged in the past few years, some barriers to employment opportunities for qualified people with disabilities […]

How HR Teams Can Cultivate Data Literacy and Critical Thinking

At a time when rapidly emerging technology like AI and an increasingly competitive global economy are pressuring companies to innovate and adapt like never before, it’s critical for HR teams to focus on holistic skills management. Many companies face an acute skills shortage, which puts them at a severe competitive disadvantage – from hiring and […]

15 Ways HR Can Protect Employee Data in the Digital Age

Keeping employee data safe is key for organizations, especially for their Human Resources (HR) departments. With many new technologies, HR professionals are in the spotlight to ensure sensitive employee information stays secure. This important job includes having strong data protection steps, following strict rules, and creating a safety-focused culture within the organization. Here are some […]

5 Leading Talent Acquisition Trends Taking Storm in 2024

It’s hard to believe that 2023 is nearly over, marking now as the time when HR professionals and organizational leaders should start planning for the next year, including their plans for talent acquisition. The work and hiring landscape is rapidly evolving, especially following the pandemic and the Great Resignation. Today’s job seekers bring a wealth […]

The Top 5 Pitfalls of Screening and Interviewing

Employers want to find the best candidates for the roles they’re hiring for in the least amount of time without increasing the risk and costs associated with bad hires. Screening and interviewing are both tools in the hiring toolbox that allow employers to identify suitable candidates. These mechanisms aren’t without their own limitations. That is, […]

Cultivating Success: Unveiling New Hires’ Essential Skill Sets

In an era marked by ceaseless transformation and relentless competition, the bedrock of an organization’s triumph lies not only in its visionary leadership or groundbreaking innovations but also in the caliber of its workforce. The process of identifying, nurturing, and integrating top talent has never been more critical. As the business landscape continually reshapes itself, […]

Creating One-Day Success in HR

Most people think of success as some far-off, massive goal—a big promotion, the extensive initiative accomplished. But all long-term success is created through small, daily actions compounded over time. Rather than getting overwhelmed thinking about lofty goals and big projects, real and lasting progress happens through daily discipline focused on intentional results. In my book […]