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Insights from a CEO: HR can become a strategic partner

HR professionals know they have a lot to offer and deserve “a seat at the table” in the C-suite, but showing top management that their expertise is vital to an organization’s strategic efforts often is a tough sell. Tough, but not impossible. Dan Oswald, CEO of human resources information provider BLR, shared some advice for […]

Insights from a CEO: Removing the stigma of HR as a cost center

Consider the human resources department: Is it a center for strategic thinking or a cost center–necessary but still a burden on the bottom line rather than a contributor to profits? That’s one question to explore as HR professionals work to earn the “seat at the table” they’ve long sought. Recently, a group of HR professionals […]

Insights from a CEO: How HR can get “a seat at the table”

HR has been working for “a seat at the table” for decades, yet that goal remains elusive. Just being the department in charge of what’s often touted as a company’s most valuable resource – its people – isn’t enough on its own. Despite lofty talk, HR often is still seen as the personnel department, a […]

Getting a handle on summer absenteeism

With summer in full swing, employers may find more than a few empty desks around the office. That’s not too much of a burden when employees plan in advance and schedule time for their vacations, but sometimes the beach beckons on short notice and employees may extend a weekend with a sick day or two. […]

Good, Bad, and Just Plain Weird Interviewing

Ever been caught off guard by a job interview question? Most people have because many employers have resorted to asking applicants questions that could be considered offbeat or even off the wall. Thomas Edison reportedly had a list of surprising queries he used when interviewing job applicants. Among his stumpers, as reported on the Mental […]

Appalling Reference Issue HR Pros Should Watch Out For

by Michael B. Leahy Recently, our colleagues in California brought a shady — and possibly criminal — Web-based reference service to our attention. What we saw shocked us. HR Guide to Employment Law: A practical compliance reference manual covering 14 topics, including hiring Every excuse in the book! CareerExcuse.com supplies fraudulent job references to employers […]