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Faces of HR: Heidi Burton in Harmony with Growth at Stinson LLP

Heidi Burton isn’t your average HR leader. She’s a strategist, a sculptor of talent, and the mastermind behind Stinson LLP‘s thriving HR landscape. As chief HR officer, she works together with firm leadership to identify the needs that fuel growth. But her vision extends far beyond simply filling roles. Her mission? To cultivate a culture […]

The Impact of AI on the Accounting Industry

As of artificial intelligence (AI) evolves, its potential to handle not just routine and menial tasks but even complex responsibilities—which were originally under the mandate of the most learned professionals—is becoming clearer. One area where this transition is prominently visible is accounting, within which AI is set to bring a revolution to how professionals practice […]

7 Communication Tips to Protect Your Mobile Employees from Tax Violations

Taxes can be intimidating, time-consuming, and confusing for any employee. But tax complexities shoot through the roof for international employees, business travelers, and remote workers. If mobile and remote employees don’t understand their tax obligations, they risk violating laws, losing compensation, damaging the company’s reputation, and more. However, HR professionals can reduce this risk and […]

4 Employee Retention Tactics That Actually Work

Employee retention is on the mind of every human resources professional. While the job market may finally be settling down a bit and the great resignation isn’t as great as it once was, it’s still important to keep your employees working and your business running. If you’re unable to retain employees, what happens? First of […]

Safety Resources: What Today’s HR Leaders Need to Know About Workplace Violence

While corporate security experts are instrumental in helping to prevent workplace violence, HR professionals play a critical role in preventing and mitigating threats in the workplace. With that in mind, HR decision-makers need to keep their finger on the pulse of a rapidly evolving threat landscape, appreciating where new and elevated threats are coming from […]

Are We Seeing a Correction in Employee Wages?

The narrative surrounding wage growth in the United States is reaching an inflection point, posing a critical question: Are we witnessing a correction in wages? Recent developments paint a complex picture, one in which a surge in compensation during the pandemic era appears to be adjusting to new economic realities. A Look at the Data […]

Faces of HR: Angela Cheng-Cimini on Leading with a Conscience, Uniqueness, and Wisdom

Meet Angela Cheng-Cimini, SVP, Talent and Chief Human Resources Officer (CHRO) at Harvard Business Publishing, which focuses on improving business management practices through myriad resources, including articles, books, case studies, simulations, videos, learning programs, and digital tools. She joined the publishing company in 2021, bringing more than 30 years of HR experience across multiple sectors […]

Faces of HR: Tyana Owings on Prioritizing Humanity, L&D, and Mentorship

Meet Tyana Owings, Director of People at Cloverleaf, a SaaS company that provides automated coaching to every team member. Over the course of her impressive career, Owings has grown into a talent development and people operations leader who believes companies succeed most when they truly put their people first. Early in her management career while […]

Why Companies Struggle to Maintain their Tech Talent and Best Practices to Foster Sustained Growth

While tech layoffs dominated news headlines last year, in a turn of events, companies now struggle to find qualified workers amid the shrinking tech talent pool. Today, the demand for tech talent significantly exceeds the supply, with the US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicting that this talent shortage in the software development field will increase to 1.2M […]

Thinking ‘Outside the Box’: How Successful Leaders Overcame Their Limiting Beliefs, and How You Can Too

The concept of ‘thinking outside the box’ has become more than a mere cliché in the leadership arena. It represents a crucial element of successful leadership, especially in today’s rapidly changing and complex world. Leaders who challenge conventional thinking, embrace innovation, and inspire their teams to follow suit are the ones who truly make a […]