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Seasonal employee not bound by noncompetition clause

by Matthew Larsen A British Columbia court recently explored a novel issue – whether a noncompetition clause is enforceable against a seasonal employee. Facts In See Thru Window Cleaners Inc. v. Mahood, 2016 BCSC 2134, the employer was in the seasonal business of window cleaning, gutter cleaning, and pressure cleaning. It employed most workers in […]


Rules changing on New Hampshire noncompete, nonpiracy agreements

By Jeanine Poole New Hampshire employers using noncompete and nonpiracy agreements face new limits beginning July 14. That’s when House Bill 1270 goes into effect. The new law requires that every employer provide a copy of any noncompete and/or nonpiracy agreement required for a position to a current or potential employee before or concurrent with […]


The Michael Scott Paper Company

Litigation Value: $100,000 * and possibly a permanent injunction On the “Two Weeks” episode of The Office, Michael decided that since he was leaving Dunder Mifflin, he would start his own company, the Michael Scott Paper Company. This raises a lot of issues about what’s going to happen to the Scranton gang without their fearless […]