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Exempt Employee

Performance Management Survey Result—How Do You Measure Up?

"Results are in from the 2014 Performance Management Survey. How does what you do compare with what the 1,481 survey participants do? Highlights:
  • 91.9% of the organizations represented by our survey participants conduct performance appraisals.
  • 75.2% rate their organization as average or above regarding the way it conducts performance appraisals.
  • The worst error is that the rater does not follow up with the employee after the evaluation to check on progress.

How Well Do You Measure Performance?

Regarding the way their organization conducts performance appraisals, a hefty 75.2% rate their organization as average or above. Details:


7 Instances Where Exempt Employee Pay Can be Deducted for Absences

While the FLSA allows some very specific pay deductions for exempt employees, such as taxes and wage garnishments, it's typically quite strict about the fact that exempt employee pay shouldn't be reduced for exempt employee absences in most cases. It's important for employers to understand when certain payroll deductions may be perfectly legal, and when others may not be under federal law so they can keep their organization in compliance.

Let's take a look at some of the exceptions—some of the rare instances where exempt employee pay can be reduced for absences.


When Exempt Employee Has No PTO, Takes Time Off

"PTO banks are working well for many employers. They simplify time off requests, and they can also be a way to ensure that salaried employees do not take advantage of their salaried status by taking time off without boundaries. However, when poorly administered, PTO can cause employees to lose their exemptions."

PTO helps to bridge the gap between being required to pay salaried employees their full salary in a given workweek (even if they don’t work a full workweek), while also balancing how much time off can be taken without it becoming a problem.


Performance Management Survey Results in; How Do You Compare?

"Most everyone does appraisals (94% of respondents) but not everyone thinks they are doing them well (4% say they do a “terrible” job and 32% say appraisals are “nearly impossible to implement”), according to our recent survey of performance management practices."

Some other highlights of the 2013 Performance Management Survey:


FLSA Recordkeeping: Create, Maintain and Preserve

DOL commonly finds recordkeeping violations when it investigates an employer’s wage and hour practices. The most frequent violations of the FLSA’s recordkeeping rules fall into two categories: (1) creating and maintaining the proper records; and (2) preserving those records.