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This topic provides guidance on how to handle compensation issues in a way that attracts and retains the best talent and advances the strategic goals of your business. You get news and tips on what’s going on nationally and in the states, and updates on changes in regulations, possible governmental action, and emerging compensation trends.

To Pay or Not to Pay: Wage and Hour Is Heating Up

The number one question topic in HR is still FMLA, but wage and hour is now a close second, says Attorney Christine Walters, SPHR. You might think that people would have wage and hour down by now, but no. First, wage and hour lawsuits are coming hard and fast. Walters offered a few examples of […]

‘No Raise This Year’ (Again): Handling the Compensation Conversation

Yesterday’s Advisor showed how author Jathan Janove’s Star Profiles can help managers avoid “Peter Principle” promotions. But it left unanswered the question of how to handle the top salesperson who didn’t get the promotion to sales manager. And, we’ll find help for tackling the tough “no raise this year” talk. If Mike (less successful as […]

Use Star Profile to Avoid Peter Principle Promotions

Author Jathan Janove says he’s had a ringside seat for innumerable employee/employer battles that led down a path of frustrated desires and expectations. To make that relationship work better, he developed the “Star Profile.” Janove developed the “Star Profile” to provide a basis for mutual understanding between direct reports and their supervisors. One of its […]

Comp Decisions Are Urgent, but Take Your Time

Many companies are making major decisions about their compensation programs without even running their plans by HR, says Attorney Lisa Van Fleet. You can’t let the financial people make those decisions, she adds. Yesterday’s Advisor featured Van Fleet’s advice for dealing with deferred compensation changes. Today we’ll get her specific recommendations about compensation decisions, and […]

Reducing Deferred Compensation? Careful …

 “Every day,” says attorney Lisa Van Fleet, “we get asked things like, ‘How can we eliminate our match? What if we change our benefits program midyear? How do we manage a reduction in force? How do we put together severance pay packages?’” Times have changed for every company. Since the economic downturn, not surprisingly, most […]

Misclassified? Me? Where’s My Back Pay?

If you reclassify employees after a self-audit, you’ll likely face some tough questions, especially about back pay. Attorneys Allen Kato and Saundra Riley recently offered tips on how to respond. But first, here is Kato’s third option for dealing with reclassification (see yesterday’s issue of the Advisor for the first two). (The attorneys are associated […]

Exemption Audits: Should You Involve Employees?

If you are doing more with less (and who isn’t?), employees are putting in extra hours, and exempt workers are likely to question whether they’re really exempt from overtime. It’s probably wise to do a self-audit, but is it wise to include employees in the process? If you do include employees in the exemption audit, […]

In Today’s Economy, Is Wellness Doable?

Budgets are stretched tighter than drumheads—is there still a way to work in a wellness program? National Employee Health and Fitness Day is next Wednesday, and that makes this a great time to focus on wellness objectives. Readers of the Advisor are well aware that wellness programs work and can produce strong returns on investment […]

New FMLA: Tricky Questions Answered

Surveys consistently show that managing Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) issues is one of the most time-consuming—and annoying—areas HR professionals tackle. BLR’s experts at Compensation.BLR.comshare answers to some of the trickier questions they get. Q. The law defines a health condition as serious if the employee is treated by a healthcare provider for more […]

Healthcare Savings? Try Absence Management

Ah, healthcare costs. If you’ve changed carriers, deductibles, and co-payments more times than you care to remember, you may be discouraged. Take heart, says Jill Madison, there’s a better place to look for savings. Madison is managing director of Consulting Services at Craford Benefit Consultants. Her comments appeared in a white paper on BLR’s all-things-compensation […]