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Employees are valuing career development more than ever—it’s a sign that the company is willing to invest in their future. How are businesses approaching training today? What are their pain points, and what topics are being addressed in training?

Where New Supervisors Make Their Worst Mistakes

In yesterday’s Advisor, we covered supervisor training tips from Jonna Contacos-Sawyer and Polly Heeter Wright. Today we’ll cover more tips and take a look at a unique product just for small HR departments. Contacos-Sawyer and Wright, both with HR Consultants, Inc., of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, suggest the following outline for briefing new supervisors about compliance. They […]

When Supervisors Fail, Their Fault or Yours?

A lot of new supervisors fail, but it’s usually not their fault. They simply don’t know how to be a supervisor until you teach them, say Jonna Contacos-Sawyer and Polly Heeter Wright. Contacos-Sawyer and Wright, both with HR Consultants, Inc., of Johnstown, Pennsylvania, suggest the following outline for briefing new supervisors about compliance. They gave […]

3 Keys to Preventing Harassment: Training, Training, and Training

Yesterday’s Advisor presented four sexual harassment scenarios. Today, we’ll look at two more, and introduce an efficient training tool that will help you eliminate harassment and other employee behavior challenges. (Go here for the first four scenarios. The scenarios are from training programs in the BLR® Employee Training Center.) Jake P Scares Penny R Penny […]

When HR Risks Multiply, Training Is Essential

By Patricia M. Trainor, J.D.BLR Legal Editor In yesterday’s Advisor, we began our look at the 12 biggest risks for HR in a down economy, as seen by attorney Allison West. Today, we’ll look at the final six of those risks and see how training is the key to avoiding them. West’s suggestions came during […]

When Is Harassment Illegal? (Hint: Who Cares?)

How far does harassment have to go before it’s illegal? "You don’t care," says Attorney Jonathan Segal, "because long before it’s illegal it’s inappropriate, and you want to stop it there." Segal, a partner in the Philadelphia law office of Duane Morris LLP, offered his remarks at the recent SHRM conference in New Orleans. In […]

Think Teen Workers Not Harassed? Think Again

Teens tend to be especially vulnerable to sexual harassment. They are new to the ways of the workplace and they are reluctant to report wrongdoing. However, although they may not be sure what their rights are, judges and juries surely will be. We turned to The HR Red Book® by BLR® for guidance. "Because of […]

Boot Camp for Supervisors—Most Important Training You Give?

In yesterday’s Advisor, we talked about helping new supervisors with tricky disciplinary issues. Today, we’ll tackle termination, and take a look at a unique new "boot camp" for supervisors. Supervisors need clear guidance and strong reminders about their HR responsibilities. You can’t use the "hope system" with compliance issues (“We hope they’re doing it right.”). […]

New Supervisors—Ticking Time Bombs?

It’s clear that your supervisors are the first line of defense in preventing lawsuits, but don’t forget, that means they’re the first line of offense as well—the people in position to make the biggest and most costly mistakes. Your supervisors are good people, well meaning and capable. But especially when they are new, they don’t […]

I Taught Them, But They Didn’t Learn

It’s a pretty common scenario—you’ve gone through the motions of training, but the participants didn’t pay much attention. That’s a real problem with HR subjects, because the stakes are high. Today, with a nod to our sister publication Safety Daily Advisor, we’ll offer tips for getting—and holding—your audience’s attention. What’s the attention span of your […]

Can You Still Tell a Joke in the Office?

Yesterday’s Advisor presented attorney Jonathan Segal’s practical tips for dealing with harassment. Today, we continue with his comments on jokes in the office and his important messages for supervisors. Segal’s remarks came as part of his “Harassment Quiz” at SHRM’s recent Annual Convention and Exposition in New Orleans. Segal is a partner in the Philadelphia […]