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Hiring: EEOC Issues New Guidance on Tests and Selection Procedures

The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) has issued a new fact sheet explaining how federal nondiscrimination laws—including Title VII, the Americans with Disabilities Act, and the Age Discrimination in Employment Act—apply to employer tests and other selection procedures used to screen applicants for hire and employees for promotion.

What to Do When Your Canadian Employee Is Accused of a Crime

By Anthony Houde and Emilie Paquin-Holmested You are quietly sipping your coffee one Saturday morning and flipping through the newspaper. You suddenly stumble upon an article about one of your Canadian employees. He or she has been accused of committing a criminal offense outside the workplace but has not yet been convicted. Your mind races […]

More penalties under ACA? The cost of failure to file went up

by Jamie Brabston As employers prepare to comply with the upcoming information-reporting requirements of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which remain in place after the Supreme Court’s decision in King v. Burwell, Congress snuck higher penalties for failing to meet those requirements into a trade bill. House Resolution (HR) 1295, known as the Trade Preferences […]

News Notes: Bush Issues New Executive Order Furthering Faith-Based Initiative

President Bush has issued a new Executive order exempting religious organizations that contract with the U.S. government from prohibitions on religious discrimination in hiring. The order, part of his “faith-based initiative,” applies to religious corporations, associations, educational institutions, and societies. It does not, however, release religious groups from complying with other state and local anti-bias […]

Manufacturers Want to Hire, But Can’t Find Skilled Workers

Special from Atlanta–SHRM Annual Conference and Exhibition Seventy-five percent of manufacturers are actively hiring, but 2/3rds of those are having trouble finding the types of workers they need, according to research released 6/24 by SHRM at its Annual Conference and Exhibition, in progress this week in Atlanta, Georgia. At a special session covering the hiring […]

Employment Law Tip: When Is Accommodation an Undue Hardship?

If a disabled employee needs an accommodation so he or she can continue to perform the job, you don’t have to provide any accommodation that would be an undue hardship for you. Generally, undue hardship means that providing the reasonable accommodation would result in significant difficulty or expense, based on your resources and the operation […]

Learn How New IRS Guidance on Windsor Affects Cafeteria Plans, FSAs, HSAs

On Dec. 16, the IRS issued clarifications on how the U.S. v. Windsor ruling on same-gender marriage affects the administration of cafeteria plans, flexible spending accounts and health savings accounts. IRS Notice 2014-1 is in the form of 10 questions and answers regarding midyear election changes, FSA reimbursements and contribution limits for HSAs and dependent […]

HR in 2011: Avoid Legal Pitfalls

Employment Law Guide in Your State — 2011 Are you ready for 2011? The most up-to-date version of BLR’s Employment Law Guide—In Your State is now available. It pulls together all the federal and state laws you need to know about to stay in compliance. The guide includes all changes that federal legislators and regulators […]