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Health and Safety: OSHA Updates Avian Flu Guidance

The U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has unveiled new safety and health guidance for protecting workers from avian flu. The new document, which updates avian flu guidance by OSHA in 2004, alerts employees and employers about the hazards of occupational exposure to avian influenza from infected birds and provides practical recommendations on ways to […]

News Notes: Helping Elderly Parent Relocate Doesn’t Qualify For Family Leave

  A California Court of Appeal has ruled that Beverly Hospital in Montebello didn’t violate the state family leave law by terminating a physical therapist who missed work to help her seriously ill mother move to a new apartment. Marjorie Pang claimed her time off was protected because she was providing psychological care for a […]

Bulletin Item: State Supreme Court Agrees to Review Whether Supervisors Can Be Held Liable for Overtime Pay

In the May issue of California Employer Advisor we reported on a case, Reynolds v. Bement, where a court ruled that a supervisor could be held individually liable for unpaid overtime due to a worker. The case was recently taken under review by the state’s highest court. We’ll be watching to see how the court […]

News Notes: Mental Health Parity Rules Begin

A new federal law now in effect says that if you offer mental health benefits, they must have the same aggregate lifetime and annual limits as medical benefits. The law applies to employers with 50 or more employees. There’s an exemption for employerswho can show the parity requirements will increase their costsby more than 1%. […]

News Notes: Government Clarifies COBRA Notice Delivery

Meeting COBRA election notice requirements can be tricky – and even a minor oversight can potentially be expensive. A recent opinion letter from the Department of Labor clarifies the process for providing COBRA election notices to households with more than one qualified beneficiary. If several beneficiaries live at the same address, you can send their […]

News Notes: Few Employers Comply With Little-Known Parking Cash-Out Law

Under an obscure law, certain employers that provide free parking must give cash to workers who don’t drive to work. The law applies to employers with 50 or more employees who are located in an area that violates air quality standards and who subsidize employee parking spaces the employer doesn’t own. But a new study […]

How RPO Services Can Revolutionize Your Recruiting Process

In business, the crux of success is connecting with the right people at the right time. This concept, crucial in brand-customer relationships, is equally vital in HR recruitment. HR teams must connect with potential hires when their interest and readiness are at a peak. This necessity is leading many companies to shift from conventional in-house […]