HR Works COVID-19 Update: Collective Action

Employers beware! The situation we find ourselves in provides unique leverage and incentives for collective action. Many low paid workers have been labelled essential and are obligated to work in hazardous conditions for the same low pay, or in some cases even with pay cuts. Workers in non-essential businesses have watched their companies cut pay, furlough, and layoff in great numbers. That means they are more than likely worried for their jobs and perhaps are thinking of using collective action to protect themselves.

We are pleased to have back with us today employment attorney Jacob M. Monty, managing partner and founder of Monty & Ramirez LLP  today to discuss this important topic.

For over two decades, Jake Monty has successfully practiced at the intersection of immigration, labor, and employment laws. A nationally recognized authority on issues facing employers with large Hispanic workforces, Jake has written not one, but three books on the topic and speaks regularly in English and Spanish on navigating labor and employment matters in industries with heightened immigration scrutiny. His clients include professional baseball teams, grocery store chains, single establishment and chain restaurants, and leading companies in the construction and facility maintenance fields. Jake has been interviewed by major media outlets such as Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC regarding national immigration concerns.

Jake founded Monty & Ramirez LLP to offer an integrated approach to dealing with Hispanic workforces. He and his bilingual partners address all the critical aspects of employer advocacy, from immigration to union matters, workplace safety, and employment disputes.