HR Works Podcast: Lessons from the Capitol

It was just last Wednesday when an unprecedented attack on the Capitol building captured the attention of the world. I, for one, watched with disbelief as doors were breached, police were overrun, tear gas was used on both attackers and defenders, and when one woman died. It was a grim scene and one that reminds us that even those places that are supposed to be secure can have serious security flaws.

Ahead of the inauguration, the FBI recently warned all 50 states that there might be armed violence. We’ve all seen the pictures of the national guard in the capitol building but not everywhere will have such resources to protect themselves to that degree.

As an HR professional, you likely play some role in your organizational security. This event has highlighted for all of us how important that role is, and how more can always be done.

I am lucky to be joined today by Ty Smith, a retired Navy Seal and founder and CEO of CommSafe AI, an African American and disabled veteran-owned technology company that helps companies disrupt emerging threats via an AI communications analysis system that helps companies identify and mitigate toxic communication in the workplace before it escalates.

As promised, here is a link to the article I mentioned discussing new threats during the pandemic with Ty.

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