HR Works Podcast: How Soon is Too Soon for HR Due Diligence?

Guest: Erika Duncan and Aaron Olman, Human Capital Advisors and Co-founders at People on Point

How early into the mergers and acquisitions (M&A) process should organizations be including their HR teams?  Here’s a hint…it certainly shouldn’t be late in the game!

In this week’s episode of the HR Works Podcast, we dig into the valuable role that people operations and HR leaders play in the M&A process with Erika Duncan and Aaron Olman, human capital advisors and co-founders of People on Point. Listen as this team of HR experts walk us through an effective due diligence approach and call out those overlooked elements of the M&A process that HR teams can help address early-on to avoid long-term headaches.

This podcast is presented as part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Compliance Week 2023. Be sure to check out more of the great HR compliance coverage taking place all week!