HR Works Podcast: Mentor Programs Are Not Your ‘Easy Button’ for L&D!

Guest: Ann Marie Morris, President, AM Morris Consulting

What are HR teams looking to achieve when building mentorship programs and offering career-coaching resources to their employees? Are unrealistic expectations being put on mentorship programs serving as a ‘magic bullet’ and the easy solution to the demand for career development resources? Where do these employer-backed mentorship programs often come up short on their R.O.I.?

In this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast, Ann Marie Morris, President of AM Morris Consulting, returns to help us take a closer look at the impact and effectiveness of employer-led mentorship programs. Widely viewed as a go-to option for supporting employee learning initiatives and career growth resources, Ann Marie explains why the traditional approach to mentorship may not the optimal solution for HR teams and organizations, and offers alternative approaches for HR teams to consider when building professional development and career-coaching resources for their employees.

This podcast is presented as part of the HR Daily Advisor’s HR Upskilling & Employee Learning Week, where Ann Marie is also a featured guest of the Monday panel discussion, Utilizing Learning & Development Opportunities to Acquire and Retain Talent. Don’t miss your chance to check out the entire lineup of programming dedicated to the latest upskilling and L&D strategies by clicking here.

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