HR Works Podcast: Not the Fun Police! Breaking the HR Myth and Building Relationships

Guest: Jenna Everhart, Senior Vice President of Human Resources at Health-E Commerce

Does it feel like your HR department is carrying a reputation as being the “fun police”? When your responsibilities include enforcing disciplinary actions, establishing employee regulations, and terminating employees, it can often create the impression that HR solely exists to make rules and ruin the workday fun.  By no means is this a new struggle and let’s be honest, those well known characters of TV and film are not helping the matter (I’m looking at you, Toby Flenderson!).

So how can HR leaders and their teams help change the narrative of their relationship with employees?

Jenna Everhart, Health-E Commerce’s SVP of Human Resources, joins this latest episode of the HR Works Podcast and helps us tackle this long-standing challenge facing HR professionals.  Listen as Jenna helps us dispel the “fun police” narrative and offers steps HR can take to improve their communication and relationship-building skills with employees and managers.

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