HR Works Podcast: Get Your Workforce PWFA-Ready!

Guest: Darci Dunn, President of EssentialHr – HR Done Right

With the Pregnant Workers Fairness Act (PWFA) taking effect on June 27th, the onus is on HR departments to review their accommodation policies for their U.S.-based employees during pregnancy and childbirth. So what does the PWFA entail and what do organizations and their HR teams need to know to ensure they remaining compliant under these updated EEOC standards?

Employee relations and benefits expert Darci Dunn, President of EssentialHR – HR Done Right, joins the HR Works Podcast and helps us take a closer look at the details of the PWFA. Listen as she shares some must-have insight and next steps to help HR leaders meet the updated standards for reasonable accommodations for pregnant employees. Darci also offers some effective ways to communicate these policy changes across a workforce, and provides predictions for the next wave of workplace protections that could be on the horizon.

For a comprehensive look at everything PWFA, be sure to reference the EEOC’s latest What You Should Know resource page here.

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