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HR Works COVID-19 Update: FFCRA Lawsuits Begin Hitting the Courts

When the pandemic first hit the United States, the Families First Coronavirus Response Act (FFCRA) was passed to help protect American citizens. The FFCRA has been in effect for some time since then, and employment lawsuits have begun hitting the courts. In this episode, we are going to go over some of the hot-spots surrounding […]

HR Works: How Rewards Can Prevent Layoffs in a Crisis

The early effects of the pandemic on the workforce saw many businesses close, and many others take extreme measures to survive, including downsizing, cutting pay, and reducing or eliminating benefits. Our guests today believe that getting a better handle on your people costs and benefits can help organizations be less draconian in their approach to […]

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Avoiding Discrimination Lawsuits While Addressing the Pandemic

Unfortunately, COVID-19 has invited a new wave of discrimination, particularly against pregnant women, employees over the age of 65, and those of Chinese or Asian heritage. There are other issues as well, including managing discrimination while employees are working remotely. As your organization meets the other challenges of COVID-19, make sure you are not accidentally […]

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Wage and Hour Lawsuits on the Rise

Last time on HR Works COVID-19 Update, we began to explore the many new types of wage and hour lawsuits that might be coming your way in light of the pandemic. This week, we’ll hear from a lawyer that specializes in these types of cases to discuss where she is seeing new lawsuits, what they […]


HR Works: COVID-19 Testing Realities, Limitations, and Plans for Employers

This episode strives to answer one important question: can COVID-19 testing play an effective role in bringing workers back to the workplace? New information and data about the disease are available every day and with it comes changes in best practices for keeping everyone safe. Meanwhile, many employers are bringing workers back to the workplace […]

HR Works COVID-19 Update: When the Pandemic Creates Wage and Hour Violations

Imagine this: your employees have been working with a wage cut for the last few months. But there is good news! Your business has recovered enough for you to restore their pay. Not only that, but you also want to make them whole, so you pay everyone a bonus on top of restoring their pay. […]

HR Works Podcast COVID-19 Update: COVID and Antibody Testing, Masks, and Temperature Checks

Last week, we began to explore employer liability when it comes to COVID-19-related issues. Today, we are going to dive in a little deeper and answer some very important questions, like can you force employees to take a COVID-19 test? What about antibody tests? Can you measure their temperatures? Can you make them wear a […]

HR Works: Supporting Single Mothers of Color

While the pandemic has influenced every worker in the United States, it has not done so evenly. Already there are serious differences between essential workers who stay on the front lines and those who were lucky enough to work from home. In short, the country is in total chaos. Some states are closing down for […]

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Will Due Diligence Help Employers Win COVID-Related Lawsuits?

As the landscape of work changes, so will the landscape of employment law. Across our nation, some states are closing down while others are opening up. That creates a lot of variability in how employers approach keeping everyone safe and the return to work. What are the liabilities? How can they keep up when best […]

HR Works COVID-19 Update: Supporting DACA Recipients More Important Than Ever

The major win for DACA recipients a few weeks ago made the news for how unexpected it was. However, the issue is far from solved. In this episode, we discuss what you need to know about supporting your DACA workers right now before things change. We are pleased to have back with us today, Jonathan […]