Slideshow: HR World Photo Recap

Last week, HR professionals, recruiters, and L&D pros gathered en masse for BLR’s HR World event. The main event consisted of three smaller events geared toward these three groups. Since it’s Friday, we figured we’d “flashback” to this amazing event with a photo recap of some of the highlights.

Women’s Equality in the Workplace Slideshow: Closing the Gender Pay Gap and Beyond

When the U.S. women’s national soccer team (WNT) won their 2019 FIFA Women’s World Cup on July 7, the stadium erupted into a unified chant: “Equal pay!”  Earlier in the year, WNT players had filed a class-action lawsuit against the U.S. Soccer Federation claiming unequal pay compared with the men’s team, despite more success on […]

Slideshow: 25 Unique Employee Benefits: A Key to Talent Retention

It’s no secret that offering key benefits is a great way to attract and retain talent, but is offering just the basic medical, dental, and vision healthcare packages enough? Are you losing out on top talent to companies that are offering perks—such as the 6-month paid sabbatical to pursue personal growth opportunities that Deloitte offers, […]