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Using Attendance Policies to Minimize Chronic Absenteeism at Work

by Joseph C. Pettygrove Most employers recognize that there are times when employees have legitimate reasons to miss work, be tardy, or leave early. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon to suspect an employee’s stated reason for an absence (or a recurring absence) is a lie. Take, for instance, a worker who is repeatedly “sick” the Monday […]

Playing hooky from work

Curb Summertime Blues with Good Absence Policies, Effective Rewards

Holy Ferris Bueller! Is it possible that some of your employees are calling in sick to have fun in the sun? It’s hard to quantify how many people play hooky from work just to enjoy beautiful, warm weather, but according to a recent CareerBuilder’s annual survey on absenteeism, 29 percent of workers took a faux […]

Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder

In her book Profit at the Bottom of the Ladder: Creating Value by Investing in Your Workforce, Canadian researcher Jody Heymann analyzes hundreds of interviews with front line employees to C-suite executives and concludes that your company can profit more from improving worker conditions than cutting wages, benefits, and other workforce expenses. As an example […]

Toronto’s G20 Summit — Lessons for Employers about High-Security

By Patrick Gannon The G20 Summit of world leaders will be in Toronto June 26-27. The summit is expected to draw considerable attention and thousands of protesters from around the world. Like the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, there will be intensive security measures and lots of potential disruptions. As the summit will be held at […]

Vancouver 2010: Are You Prepared?

By Katie Clayton and Farrah Sunderani With the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games having just begun, there will be several implications on the workplace. Past Olympic cities have reported high levels of absenteeism – both approved and unapproved – for employees wishing to attend the events, partake in the activities, or volunteer. Employers […]

Health Insurance Discounts for Employees Who Don’t Use Tobacco

by Sally J. Reynolds Each year thousands of Americans resolve to quit smoking, but most will be unsuccessful. Some employers have begun implementing financial incentives to motivate their health plan participants to stop using tobacco. One type of reward may be a discount on health insurance premiums for employees who don’t use tobacco or are […]

Attendance Can Be an ‘Essential Function,’ Depending on Job

by Emily Hannah Bensinger The Third U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals recently ruled that an employer can lawfully base a termination decision on excessive absenteeism even when the absences are due to a disability covered by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). For the decision to withstand an ADA claim, regular attendance must be an […]

Custodian Cleans Up After Employer’s Improper Consideration of FMLA Leave

Although employment decisions are often based on one specific incident or reason, such as poor work performance, many decisions stem from several causes. If an employee challenges a termination, a demotion, or another adverse action that was taken for two or more reasons, only one of which is illegal, will the employer be liable? The […]

H1N1 Swine Flu Information and Resources for Employers

HRHero.com and M. Lee Smith Publishers is making its Pandemics and H1N1 sample policy available to everyone. The policy covers topics such as employee leave, alternative work arrangements, preventing the spread of contagious illnesses in the workplace, and much more. Download the free Pandemics and H1N1 Sample Policy The policy was created through a collaboration […]