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Recent Tech Layoffs Illustrate the PR Challenges of Layoffs

Many workers around the country and around the world dream of landing a job in Silicon Valley. America’s tech sector is seen as a place of fat paychecks and exciting, cutting-edge work. And for many, that’s exactly what it is. But a recent pandemic-triggered tech employment boom-bust cycle illustrated the fleeting nature of these jobs […]

How to Help Employees Cope with the Aftermath of a Mass Layoff

During the last few months, many large technology companies such as Netflix, Amazon, Meta, and Twitter have carried out mass layoffs, with other smaller companies also culling large numbers of staff. In such tumultuous times, much support is rightly given to those who are laid off, but there’s also an impact on those who are […]

Amazon Slack Fight Illustrates Divisiveness of Return-to-Work Question

We hear a lot about the tug of war between organizations and employees when it comes to the future of widespread remote work in the post-COVID world. But that narrative hides the fact that employees themselves aren’t a monolith when it comes to preferences around remote work. An internal battle raging at online retail giant […]

Relying on Attrition (Instead of Layoffs) to Reduce Head Counts

As the global economy continues to flirt with recession, many employers have already begun letting large numbers of employees go. This trend is particularly evident in the tech industry, where companies like Google, Amazon, and Microsoft (among others) have laid off more than 70,000 workers in the past year. And that’s just one industry. The […]

Why the Big Layoffs in Big Tech?

What do Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook parent company Meta have in common? Well, besides the obvious fact that they’re all major tech companies, all three firms have recently announced significant employee layoffs. Massive Layoffs Strike Big Tech Meta, which also owns WhatsApp and Instagram, announced the layoff of over 11,000 employees in early November. Following […]