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Hot List: Bestselling Business Books on Amazon.com

Amazon.com updates its list of the bestselling business books every hour. Here is a snapshot of what is hot right now, this Monday morning, October 27, in the “Business and Investing” category. 1. The Snowball: Warren Buffett and the Business of Life by Alice Schroeder. The legendary Omaha investor has never written a memoir, but […]

Ford Revolutionizes the Workplace

On October 1, 1908, Ford Motor Company introduced the Model T, generally regarded as the first affordable automobile and the car that industry experts say “put America on wheels.” The first Model T, produced for the 1909 model year, was assembled by hand and sold for $850. The demand for the cars was so high […]

Companies lauded for diversity still have far to go

“Diversity Practices that Work: The American Worker Speaks,” a two-year national study of 5,500 workers, was conducted by Global Lead Management Consulting on behalf of the National Urban League to answer four questions: What do American workers think about diversity? How do the perceptions of employees in “effective diversity practices companies” compare with American workers […]

Workplace Violence Prevention Strategies

Workplace violence is a serious threat to American employers and employees. Although homicide in the workplace has steadily declined since 1994, it is still the fourth leading cause of workplace fatalities in the United States. In addition, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that in 2006, more than 22,000 employees in private industry missed days […]

Resolving Conflicts at Work: A Complete Guide for Everyone on the Job

Technology writer and consultant David Micah Kaufman reviews the book Resolving Conflicts at Work: A Complete Guide for Everyone on the Job by Kenneth Cloke and Joan Goldsmith. Kaufman reviews book’s theme of seeking resolution to conflict at work instead of settlement. While we all seek harmony at work, conflict is inevitable. The challenges of […]

HOT LIST: Five Books for the Holidays

Looking for holiday gift ideas? Need a good book to read during your flight home for the holidays? Resources for Humans has you covered with our holiday picks… 1. Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw. Expert biographer David Nasaw provides a captivating biography of one of America’s most famous and successful businessmen and philanthropists. Nasaw takes […]