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Lack of Salary Negotiations May Cost Jobseekers in the Long Run

When it comes to employee compensation and pay practices, a new survey finds that potential candidates aren’t negotiating salaries, and this is leaving a lot of money left on the table for future earnings. According to online employment marketplace ZipRecruiter®, the majority of jobseekers are not negotiating for more salary when starting a new job.

Are You Unknowingly Discriminating When You Read Résumés?

A recent study published by the Administrative Science Quarterly has found a trend indicating implicit bias when hiring professionals look at résumés. Today’s Advisor explores how some applicants are discriminated against when their résumés indicate their minority status.

Avoid These Ugly Preemployment Pitfalls

In yesterday’s Advisor, we reviewed the good and the bad of preemployment inquiries; today, we take a look at some of the just plain ugly questions that you should never even think of asking.