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Wisconsin Budget Bill Takes Tough Stance on Unions, Public Retirement Funds

By Troy D. Thompson On February 11, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker released details of his budget repair bill, a highly publicized measure directed at addressing the state’s budget crisis. Regardless of one’s political bent, there is no question that the bill, if adopted, will significantly change the landscape of public-sector employment in Wisconsin. The bill […]

New Wisconsin Electronic Discovery Rules Go Into Effect

by Timothy D. Edwards On January 1, 2011, new rules for the discovery (pretrial exchange of evidence) of electronically stored information went into effect in Wisconsin. One of the most significant changes is a “meet-and-confer” provision requiring the parties to address issues pertaining to electronically stored information early in the litigation. Back in April 2010, […]

Shorter Workweek in a Tough Economy

by Claudia N. Lombardo According to economist Dean Baker, President Barack Obama’s own economic team believes the President’s stimulus package will have no effect on unemployment — currently at 10 percent — two years from now. The announcement caught the attention of many employers, already worried about having to make future layoffs, and has initiated […]

Reminder about OSHA Posting Requirement

It’s time to post your Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) Form 300A, the summary of job-related injuries and illnesses that occurred last year. Unless you have 10 or fewer employees or fall within one of the industries normally excused from the Occupational Safety and Health Act’s (OSH Act) recordkeeping and posting requirements, you’re required […]

Primer on Travel Time Pay for Workers

by Leslie Sammon When does an employee’s drive to work become paid time? The Fair Labor Standards Act provides the federal rules governing pay for travel time. Employees covered by the minimum wage and overtime requirements (non-exempt employees) under federal law must be paid for all hours worked. Some states also have laws addressing travel […]

Pirated Software Creates Substantial Risk for Employers

by Saul C. Glazer Ignorance of pirated software on company-owned computer networks isn’t bliss. Given the widespread use of the Internet, a company’s employees may be downloading unlicensed, pirated software without its knowledge, and the employees may not even realize that what they’re doing is illegal Although employers may find it burdensome and costly to […]