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4 Metrics for Measuring Background Screening Efficiency in 2024

Over the last few decades, background checks have become an integral part of the hiring process all over the country. According to a 2022 PBSA survey, at least 94 percent of American employers conducted at least one type of background screening in the last year. Screening candidates both efficiently and effectively can help companies craft […]

Protecting Your Business: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Background Checks

Background checks are an essential part of the hiring process for most businesses, helping to ensure that employers are hiring the best possible candidates for the job. Proper screening via background checks can also help protect a company from potential legal issues down the line. In addition, the importance of background checks is clearly understood […]

Why Post-Hire Screening Could Reduce Talent Headaches

Employers often cite their employees, team members, or people as their greatest asset. And while this may be true, it is sometimes an uncomfortable truth that they can also be an organization’s greatest weakness. Businesses, and by extension their brands, have become increasingly visible online through social media, online news channels, and even review websites, […]

Blockchain HR: How Decentralization Will Affect HR Structures in 2023

The unmatched pace of change in the business world has increased uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity in existing structures and practices that put the HR profession at a crossroads. The work-from-home concept and lockdowns that followed the COVID-19 pandemic impacted workforces globally and revealed that yesterday’s HR practices and technologies are incapable of dealing with modern […]

Hiring Shouldn’t Be This Problematic—Technology Can Help 

Doesn’t it seem like the hiring process should be more streamlined by now? According to Glassdoor, it can take an average of 23.8 days to get an offer from a U.S.-based company. Some employers can extend that time up to 30 days.  A long, laborious hiring process isn’t good for employers or job candidates, so […]

Temporary Rescission of Job Offer Isn’t Adverse Employment Action, 7th Circuit Rules

Federal law bans employment discrimination against current or prospective employees based on race, age, and other protected classes. Additionally, it prohibits adverse action against employees based on a consumer report unless the findings are provided to the individual. Are the provisions violated when a prospective employee’s job offer is briefly rescinded and then reinstated? A […]

Trust but Verify: Lessons Learned from “Inventing Anna”

If “fake it till you make it” were a person, she would be fake German heiress Anna Sorokin, a.k.a. Anna Delvey. Netflix’s latest viewer obsession Inventing Anna, created by Shonda Rhimes, tells the “completely true, except for the parts that are totally made up,” story of Anna’s elaborate get-rich-quick schemes. The show is based on […]

Is There a Perfect Employment Screening Tool?

In recruiting new talent, employers want to know who the candidates are. Information is typically gathered through application forms, interviews, and background checks. Conducting a background check after a conditional offer is becoming more commonplace. According to a recent study from the Professional Background Screening Association (PBSA), 74% of employers conduct background checks following a […]

Are Your Background Checks in Compliance?

Recruitment, while necessary, comes with a degree of risk. Employment screening programs are often used to decrease this possibility. In a survey conducted by the Professional Background Screening Association, 75% of employers use background checks to protect their employees and customers, 52% use them to improve the quality of their hires, and 41% use them […]