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Ethical Behavior in the Workplace: What It Is & Why It’s Important

The plot of good versus evil, good guys versus bad guys, or right versus wrong has played out in books and movies for ages. It is arguably the most common struggle at the center of narratives of all types. So it should be no surprise that the same struggle is prevalent in corporate environments under […]

Got a toxic employee? Hiring a superstar may not be the solution

Employers are generally willing, even eager, to invest time, energy, and money into bringing on a superstar employee. They’re confident the payoff that comes from hiring a star will make the effort worth it. But what if the employer also has a toxic employee? Will a strong hire counteract the damage? A recent Harvard Business […]


HR pro or hall monitor? Dealing with childish behavior at work

by Boyd Byers Several HR managers I work with sometimes refer to employees as their “children” and joke that at times (particularly when they’re dealing with their “problem children”), they feel more like grade-school teachers than HR managers. A recent study reaffirms the inherent truth in this analogy.  From the playground to the workplace Childish […]

Coach or terminate? Developing a strategy for ‘difficult’ employees

What supervisor or human resources professional hasn’t asked the question: Why can’t people work together without deliberately making the working environment insufferable? Why don’t people use their energy to solve differences instead of lashing out in anger? There may be no easy answers to those questions, but understanding why conflict occurs and following a strategy […]

Make the Workplace a Drama-Free Zone

By Marie G. McIntyre, Ph.D. Do you have a drama queen (or king) in your office? For these employees, a calm, peaceful workday is simply not very rewarding, so they try to spice things up with dramatic pronouncements, juicy gossip, ominous rumors, personal traumas, or emotional breakdowns. Why drama queens act that way Some dramatic […]